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Stages Every Bridesmaid Goes Through

Posted by Hannah Carrier on June 7 2017.

Being a bridesmaid is a great honour but it’s not long before the full weight of all of the responsibilities kicks in (and kicks you!). Though we can’t necessarily make all of the tasks any easier, we can write an article humouring the situation and hope that it makes you laugh! You’re not in it alone and we can prove it: here’s some stages every bridesmaid goes through!



bridesmaid cardWhen your friend asks you to be a bridesmaid, the first stage is unimaginable excitement! It’s great to know that your friend thinks of you as one of her closest friends and wants you to be a part of one of the most special days of her life. Being a bridesmaid means that you’ve got other friends to share it with, and some bridesmaids will even be new friends to you! Being in a pact of girl power is a very exciting experience and, since there’s lots to do, you’ll all have plenty to talk about!


The Group Chat

group chat retro phonesThe group chat will come about quite quickly. The bride has too much to do to try more personal ways of getting you lot together– no time for phone calls and visits. More often than not, bridesmaids live in different places, making it hard to cooperate at times. The group chat means that all the bridesmaids will be buzzing in your pocket or handbag every day, discussing everything from the wedding to the bridesmaid dresses and the hen party and more. At first, it’ll be fun but the buzz becomes tiresome quickly. We’re sorry to say that’s the next stage.


Hen Party Stress

stress questionsThe hen party looms, you come together to talk options, often trying to include the bride’s favourite things with some surprises along the way. At first, the hen party seems like fun but this can manifest into stress fairly early on. For example, there is the small matter of the date: who can make this date, who can’t? Then there’s the age-old question of whether you’re staying or going away. Is it a night, a weekend or a week long celebration? The one thing you’ll learn, above all else, is that you can’t please everyone!U


The Big Day and Withdrawal Systems

bridesmaid photo wedding dress flowersThe wedding day looms in the conversations and begins to feel bigger and bigger over time. It goes from the wedding to the big day to The Big Day, The Biggest Day of The Bride’s Life. When it arrives, you’ll help the bride get ready and smooth over any problems that arise as soon as possible. Before you know it, you’re mid-ceremony, then you’re tearing up at the love and then…it’s all over. Excitement turns to relief which turns to withdrawal symptoms and you’ll be wishing you could do it all over again!


If this sounds familiar, be sure to share it on Facebook or Twitter and tag all of your bridesmaid friends who can relate! You can also explore your hen party options together here!


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