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Sophisticated Hen Party Ideas

Posted by laura on June 8 2017.

Our guide to Sophisticated Hen Party Ideas. Over recent years hen parties have become a by-word for drunken behaviour that most of us cringe about.  However, it’s inevitable we’ll all go on a hen party at some point and most of us want to keep our dignity during the partying as well as celebrating the forth coming wedding of a close friend or relative.  So, how do you rise above the gaggle of girls in tiaras and schoolgirl outfits to give your bride the send off in to married life that she deserves? Whether you’re staying in your home town, heading somewhere new or are having your hen party at home here are our top sophisticated hen party ideas to help you organise the party that everybody remembers…

Sophisticated Hen Party Ideas – Relax: Spa Day

A spa day is the perfect start to a sophisticated hen party, helping your hens relax in to the party spirit.  Whichever city you’re heading to you can guarantee there will be a spa or beauty salon to suit your budget and tastes.   A spa is a great choice for hen parties because everybody can take part, it doesn’t involve making a fool of yourself and it will help everybody de-stress and get themselves perfectly pampered for party time.  If you are having your hen party at home then you can even get a trained professional to come to you.

Sophisticated Hen Party Ideas

Sophisticated Hen Party Ideas – Race: A Day at the Horses A day at the races, especially ladies day, is a great way to get your very best clothes on and feel like royalty – horse racing is the sport of kings and queens after all.  The great thing about a day at the horses is that you can bet as much or as little as you want but everybody gets to feel the excitement as the horses gallop across the line.  A good idea is for all the hens to put in to a kitty which the bride can use to bet from.

Sophisticated Hen Party Ideas – Risk It: Casino

A casino can seem like a daunting place if you’ve never been before but it’s a fun and sophisticated way to spend a hen night.  Most casinos offer packages for hen parties so you can learn how to play all the games under expert guidance before you hit the tables for real.  You can even hire a casino to come to your home or other venue where you play for fun money meaning  all the excitement but none of the risk.

casino hen party

Research: Plan it to Perfection The real secret to the perfect hen party is to do your research.  Organising a hen party can be a very stressful event so you need all the help you get, but the good news is sophisticated hen party ideas are only a click away.  You should start organising your hen party as soon as you can to ensure you get booked on all the activities you want to do as well as booking the best hotels, restaurants and guest lists for clubs.  Booking early also means you may be able to negotiate a discount.

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