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Sexiest Men of 2012

Posted by laura on June 8 2017.

Sexiest Men 2012

I had a browse over GLAMOURS 2012 sexiest men category, and wondered if its as renounced a the FHM sexiest woman votes, well its probably not as publicized but that’s men for you! Anyway after I decided I go over the Sexiest men of 2012 list meticulously and pick out the numbers that seriously need to be revised for 2013! I’ll let you know who I think should NOT be on the list and who go undersold last year. I warn you now ladies there is a great deal of injustice about to be displayed. No doubt some of you may disagree but I hope the masses are on my side none the less!



Mika- Seriously? (No.74)  PASS

Dan Stevens – (No.58) Pass, but if you like that kind of thing fine.

Louis Tomlinson-  ~(No.38) Is this legal? PASS

Tom Felton- (No. 36) Lies! PASS.

Colin Firth- (No.41) Why are we still putting him on lists? Does he have a brad pitt classic to his beauty PASS

Dann O’Donoghue – (No.16) He should not quality but I would have accepted a below 50 entry.


UNDERSOLD!James FrancoDavid Gandy

Will smith (No.92) I’m highly offended this man has aged perfectly, and he’s gorgeous bottom on the pile? Get out of here should be (No.20)

David Gandy (No.91) I don’t understand? Should be (No.18)

James Franco (No.75) He’s got a distinctive hotness and he’s great on screen. Should be (No.25)

Channing Tatum (No.28) high score but he deserves a top 10!

Matthew Mconway (No.99) Magic Mike? Do I need to say any more? Should be (No.29)

Ashton KutcherChanning Tatum

Ashton Kutcher (No.100) How on earth does an international heartthrob like Kutcher get bottom place compared to all those mentioned in the flops above? Someone explain this to me.





I can’t blame you 

Ryan Gosling sexiest mentom hardy sexiest men

Tom Hardy Spot (No.20) . Justified

Ryan Golsing (No.17) for all his exposure lately I would have expected higher but really this is fair.





WHERE WERE THEY?Shia LebeoufIdris Elba

Idris Elba, Amazing with his British or American accents his characters are always so so.. *fans myself*

Shia Lebeouf, Okay he’s not top 10 material but out of a 100 men to choose from I expected this cutie on the list!




So ladies what are you’re thoughts? I appreciate it must take a lot to get all the votes in I could have torn apart a lot more names of that list but I made an effort to appeal to all tastes You’l notice I didn’t even mention the winner or rest of the top 3, way too typical! Fussy about the men you ogle over ? So am I! I’m just as meticulous with our life drawing models at Polestars, (check out the photos) an hour studying and drawing a finely sculpted naked model that is definitely worthy of making the sexiest man GLAMOUR list. Unlike the celebrities these ones can talk back, oh and did I mention their naked!  To find out more about our Life Drawning Parties


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