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Seduction Party Overseas

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on February 11 2014.

At Polestars, we love going the extra mile for our customers. That is why when we had a phone call one wet Wednesday afternoon to see if we could run an impromptu seduction party in sunny Majorca, one of our fabulous instructors jumped at the chance! Her flights were booked within the hour and she was jetting off that very weekend. She was kind enough to write up what happened on her glamorous adventure!

Here is what happened in that seduction party

In true Anastasia Steele fashion, I eagerly awaited my car to Heathrow with hand luggage consisting of 20 feather fans, silk blindfolds, stockings, massage oil, red lipstick and bananas! In just over 2 hours, our flight arrived in Palma and I was driven 30 minutes around the coast, away from the tourist centre to an exclusive part of the island in the hills with spectacular ocean views.

This particular private booking was based in the beautiful Majorca, a particularly spectacular 9 bedroom ocean view house with a converted cave at sea level leading out to a sandy beach and clear blue sea.

I had been brought to this beautiful part of the world to pass on my knowledge of The Art Of Seduction. I was to be teaching a class of 15 ladies of varying ages, many of whom had partners who they had been with over 10 years and were looking for new and exciting ways to spice up things in the bedroom and rekindle that loving feeling with their partner.

The group really looked the part as they descended the stairs to the cave wearing stiletto heels and custom made Victoria’s Secret outfits with matching black satin robes. The seduction party up until that point was a complete surprise to everyone, kept secret by the hostess. With my most charming smile and all the charisma I could muster, I said, ‘Good evening ladies. My name is Leonie and I am here to teach you all about The Art Of Seduction.’ At first I could see the ladies were completely in shock, after which most of them smiled and seemed quite amused. A little fearful perhaps of what they were in for, but also intrigued and interested in what I was going to teach them.

I started to put the group at ease by asking each of them to introduce themselves and tell me a little bit about them and how they know the hostess. As an introduction, I gave them a short talk on sexuality of the mind and body confidence. Something people often forget about seduction is that in order for people to think you’re sexy, you yourself first have to feel sexy! Even the most physically beautiful person cannot possibly be use the tools of seduction unless they believe they are attractive and worthy.  We used some physical exercises to enhance posture, burlesque inspired poses to become aware of physicality and movement, and using body language techniques to I revealed some top tips on how to put others at ease and become more approachable.

In the next section, we focused on heightening the senses; sound, smell, sight, touch and taste. I asked the ladies to pair up, and for one partner to blindfold the other.  I asked the sighted members of the group to feed their blindfolded victims some carefully selected tasty treats, and taking it in turns using varied techniques we worked our way through all the senses. This section explores the effect of removing one of the senses in order to heighten others, and ways we can create desire by focusing on each sense individually and combined.

In the third section of the seduction party, I imparted my knowledge on ‘How to drive Him wild in Bed’ and ‘10 Ways to Keep Your Man Happy’. This section is very fun and light hearted, giving the students a chance to ask any questions they want and to share tips and ideas on love and relationships with the rest of the group.

Then finally we come to the last section of the seduction party; Fetish & Fantasy. I presented my class with the Polestars manual entitled ‘The Book Of Dreams’ containing many of the mainstream sexual fantasies and fetishes which are popular today for both men and women. The ladies were given a chance to look through the manual and to discuss any of the topics which they found interesting, focusing on things they have experienced, would like to try and to discuss feelings about their own and their partners sexual fantasies and what they mean. What I found fascinating about a seduction party is watching how the students change from being initially shy about many of the topics, (most of us are brought up to feel some guilt or shame when it comes to sexual desires), to completely opening up and being supportive towards each other, sharing and exchanging feelings and experiences they might have had, and learning through each other that many of them share the same feelings and desires and can relate to one another about many of the topics discussed.

Finally, I end the seduction party with a five minute tutorial on striptease, for those that wish to delight and entertain that special someone. This is includes some great bedroom moves, and is the perfect thing to take away and try at home!

Seduction party

Leonie has worked with Polestars  for over 5 years, she teaches a variety of dance classes as well as our new seduction party. Leoni is also part of a fabulous Burlesque troupe!

If this article has got you interested, have a look at how to book our Seduction party

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