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Saint Patricks day spirit

Posted by Clement Boateng on March 17 2014.

Yes this is the time of the yeah where all lovers of Guinness come together in the Irish spirit of dancing, parades and drinking to enjoy the festival of Saint Patricks day. From Boston to the beautiful coast of Ireland, all true Irish blood show their green pride and enjoy this beautiful day to completely have an excuse to get pissed out of their faces.  Welcome friends to Saint Patricks Day, and to get into the spirit here are some ideas to get into the mode.

Saint Patricks day spirit

Saint Patricks day essentials

There are so many myths and legends about the origins of Saint Patricks Day that no one actually knows what true or just myths and legends. However, whatever the case many people still enjoy the concept and idea of this day. So, here are a couple things we know you have to do to feel apart of this wonderful day.

Make sure you’re wearing green

Nothing says saint patricks day more than the colour green. Green for the land and green pastures overlooking the sea. The streets filled with green and everything green too.

Find a pot of gold

If you find a pot of gold then you would’ve had to look to the end of the rainbow before coming into anything remotley looking like a pot of gold. In which if you do find the you’re either extrememly lucky and extrememly rich. However until then, some chocolate coins can work but you can’t use them in a bar or pub!

Find yourself a leprechaun

We don’t know whether leprechauns are extinct or whether they even existed at all, but when in doubt you can always find a short fellow to replace.


Guinness whatever you do it must involve Guinness. Whether you have Guinness for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or supper…you must have a Guinness

Find a four leaf clover

If you can find a four leaf clover then you will be tripping into so much luck you will have to give them away.

Eat a hearty meal

Eat a hearty meal meaning something that will get you feeling slow and heavy like you just ate a cow. Well not a cow but enough to soak up all that alcohol.

Have a taste Ireland

Finally, what saint patricks day would complete without the drinking involved with it. Irish whisky, green beer, Shamrock talks, cider, crème liquor, Irish coffee, mead, wine and alcopops. Whatever your poison just be merry and extra friendly about it.

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