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Royal Burlesque Relative

Posted by Holly Anderson on February 12 2014.

Royal Burlesque Relative

Royal Burlesque Relative; Kate Middleton’s cousin Katrina has danced in cabaret clubs in Sunderland for the past two years and toured with Dita Von Tease

Royal Burlesque Relative

With Kate Middleton, a commoner, about to join Britain’s royal family, it’s only natural that there is a media frenzy to dig up whatever dirt anyone can dig up on her and her family.

There’s one relative likely not to be invited to the royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William April 29 at Westminster Abbey.  Middleton has a burlesque cousin who dances in the cabaret scene in the city of Sunderland.

Katrina Darling, a stunning 20-year-old blond, has danced in cabaret clubs in the northeast England town for the past two years, but has also toured in a Dita Von Teese-style show.

Middleton and Darling are second cousins, once removed. Middleton’s great-grandfather and Darling’s grandmother were siblings.

Interestingly, her dances are patriotic, including a dance to ‘God Save the Queen’ in which she ends up nude except for a Union Jack thong and pasties. How can the royal family complain about THAT!

Royal Burlesque Relative – Be Inspired

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