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Royal Baby!

Posted by laura on February 11 2014.

royal babyKate Middleton is pregnant! It feels like the country has been waiting forever for this joyous news. The whole World is ecstatic, with top political powers, such as Obama, sending their love and congratulations to Wills and Kate and the royal baby.

The whole country prepare for a royal baby

Unfortunately Kate was taken into hospital just hours after the announcement due to a severe form of morning sickness, referred to as hyperemesis gravidarum, which has led to speculations that she could be expecting twins. If that is the case the line of succession will get very confusing!

With the announcement of the pregnancy Prince Harry’s chances of gaining power on the throne have lessened. Unlucky for those of us who were hoping that Harry would one day become King, ultimately resulting in a lot more Bank Holidays!

However, it was agreed amongst the Common Wealth in 2011 that the ancient law of male heirs succeeding the thrown before their female siblings was to be abolished. Before this was changed the laws of succession meant that a female would only take the throne if she had no male siblings, despite the timings of their birth. The changing of this law therefore means that if Kate is to give birth to a Daughter she will become Queen even if a brother is born after her.

royal babyI am actually very excited about these changes because it is a huge development for females in both Royalty and Politics. In bygone days the reason why women were not accepted in the line of succession, and why male heirs were so sort after, was because women were not trusted with ruling a country. However, Queen Elizabeth has proven the world wrong through her 60 years on the throne of England, making her the longest reigning monarch.

I am also excited that there will definitely be a baby boom following this royal baby! This means more of my friends will be having babies and naming them after members of the Royal family. It will also mean more weddings, which means more hen parties so we’ll be kept busy at Polestars. If you are planning on starting your own Royal baby anytime soon, but need to marry your own Prince Charming first be sure to give us a call so we can help arrange any upcoming party plans.


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