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Ring Bearers

Posted by veronika BLASKOVA on June 7 2017.

After the bride and a groom walk down the aisle, the little adorable ring bearers are almost often the ones that steal the attention of the show. Well, who wouldn’t find petite wedding attendants so cute dressed in mini suit or pretty princess dress? Flower girl or ring bearer gets so happy that can be part of the big ceremony and often are under the spot light. They always look stylish, stand out from the crowd and bring smile to people’s faces.

Who can be a ring bearer?


The ideal age of a ring bearer or flower girl is between 4 to 8 years old. A ring bearer can be a child of a bride and groom or can have a different connection to them. Usually ring bearers are younger family members. It can also be a godchild or a family friend that is willing to be under the ring bearer childspot light when walking down the aisle. Ring bearer isn’t a necessity. It can add a nice spin to your wedding but there is no need to push it. Ring bearer can open the ceremony but the main responsibility is up to the best man to have the rings ready.


Ring bearer duties
A little ring bearer usually walks down the aisle carrying a pillow with two rings tight to the pillow. The rings on the pillow are more or less symbolic as the young lively boy might be clumsy and you might end up looking for the jewelry on the floor. Try not to put the ring bearer under pressure. Remember he  is just a child and mishaps might happen. He is probably as nervous as the bride.


Ring bearer fashion
For a little ring bearer you can pick for example an Eton jacket with short or long pants depending on weather. A nice and cute look for a ring bearer can be a junior version of the groomsmen attire. You ring bearer is a child and you want him to wear something appropriate to his age. Those children are always adorable in the mini tuxedos and give the look of “mini-groomsmen”.

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