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Retro Hen Parties

For the Disco Divas and 80’s lovers out there, now’s the time to dig out those flares and whack out the crimpers because Polestars has the hen party for you. No need to feel embarrassed of your retro addiction, Polestars are making it mainstream and making it cool. Check out our top Retro Hen Parties below.

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Top 3 Retro Hen Parties

  • 90’s dance party

Those of us who were teenagers in the 90s will find our 90’s dance party  to be the perfect nostalgic 2 hours that will take you back to the days when you thought denim jackets, jelly shoes and guys with curtains were the height of cool. Remember when you used to crimp your hair, wear a Baby G watch and adorn your hair with butterfly clips? Well, this party gives you the excuse to bring back all those dubious fashion choices for one day only and dance like you did when ‘Saved by the Bell’ was still on TV. 

  • 80’s dance party

No one knew how to have fun like Cindy Lauper so re-live the days of big hair and legwarmers with an 80’s dance party. Little Madonna wannabes can unleash the fingerless lace gloves while Jane Fonda fanatics can embrace the leotard all over again. Spend two fluorescent hours learning some classic moves from an 80’s pro; perfect your Running Man, get the Shopping Trolley down and master the Sprinkler!

  • 70’s dance party

If you’re a lover, not a fighter, then a 70’s disco party might be more your kinda thing. Unlock your inner Dancing Queen with this funky two hour 70’s dance class. Learn a seriously smooth dance routine to your favourite 70’s numbers before performing it all together. Then, for the seriously cool cats, take your flares to the nearest dance floor and impress onlookers with your disco-tastic moves.

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