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5 Great Ideas For Red Nose Day

Posted by laura on October 17 2013.

Red nose day is nearly a month away making now an ideal time to get your fundraising together and start collecting donations. This year comic relief celebrates 25 years of helping the lives of those in need here in the UK and in Africa. To give you a few examples comic relief helps support young homeless people and provides funding for the care of vulnerable old people in the UK. Abroad comic relief provides support for women and young girls such as creating educational and health facilities as well as helping small communities  progress with the developing of resources that they could trade.  The red nose is familiar to all of us and comic relief is a charity the UK holds dear in its heart, I remember red rose day from my primary school days as the cause invests heavily in promoting through schools. However I have to admit since my school days I have not got back involved with the charity or any fundraising around it. This year I have been inspired to get into the spirit of the cause and fund raise   I thought I’d share 5 cool ideas for a red nose fundraiser to encourage others to try too!


Red nose day Pyjamas Day

Red nose day Pyjamas DayPyjamas day seems like the most comfortable way of raising money! I don’t know about you but ever since I first came across this idea I have been fantasying about spending the day at work in my Jim Jams. Download one of the sponsorship sheets from the Red Nose Day website and get as many people as you can to sign up and sponsor you. Make you post your pictures online so everyone can get their moneys worth. The only challenge involved is managing to stay awake!





Red nose day Dares for Dough

Red nose day Dares for DoughThis idea is one for the risk takers! With your friends or colleagues come up with a list of dares to carry out over a chosen length of time (ideally 4 weeks). Each week if the chosen devil carries out their dare properly the person who dared them has to donate money to the cause. If the person who has been dared chokes out then they have to donate double to the cause!






Red nose day Forfeit the Fast Food

Red nose day Forfeit the Fast FoodThis will prove to be an educational donation! Give up all restaurant and take-away for a month. Eat time you resist the urge to eat out calculate how much it would have cost you and donate that money to comic relief. Good for your waist, great for charity!







Sell Tickets to Your Home Cinema for red nose day

Sell Tickets to Your Home Cinema for red nose dayFancy yourself Queen or King of DVD’s. Host a cinema night at your home and charge entry and snack fees.  You could go with a theme like, ‘old classic’s  ‘horror nights’  or ‘rom com evening’. Just remember to tell everyone it’s for Red Nose Day so they don’t think you’ve lost the plot!






Red nose day Prize Donation

Red nose day Prize DonationAsk a local business to donate a valuable prize for a raffle. This should be something that most people would view as a really cool prize to encourage them to purchase raffle tickets. I would suggest something electronic, a TV, a laptop, kindle and no-one can deny a new iPad! You could approach your own work place to see if they would be interested in paying for the gift to go on raffle or you could approach a local business and ask them to donate one of their products and hold the raffle around your local area.




It’s so easy to come up with fun ideas to get into the spirit of the cause. Start now and you can make the most of a long run up to March 15th. Here at Polestars were still deliberating on our red nose ideas as we’ve come up with too many to choose from, but expect our office photos next month. The red nose day website quite helpfully have loads of material for you to get involved including a fundraising kit, online giving pages, a sponsorship form and many many more. Its never been so easy to join this cause.

If these ideas have inspired you take a look at the website and get stuck in! Find out more here

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