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How to Chose your Wedding Dress?

Posted by Olivar Calvo Sandy on June 7 2017.

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life! This is probably why everybody tries to make this day perfect. During the preparations of your wedding, all the details will be taken in account, such as the decorations, the menus or even your wedding desert table. The wedding dress is the fundamental element of your wedding. Learn everything about them, from a to z.


Dress according to your morphology


Triangle, inverted triangle, round, rectangle … There is no need to be gifted in geometry to try to find out the body type to which you belong,  just have a look at yourself in the mirror. Our biggest mistake is that we are not always very honest with the image that stares back at us: a little love handle catapults us to the round shape, a wobbly bottom and we are in the triangle category. Before you get angry with your mirror – still, it could just be that it’s just a bit distorted -find what resembles you the most.Wedding Dress flowers


After all, each girl has different morphology, that’s why each dress is not adapted for everyone. So, the perfect outfit, will glorify yourself and make you feel well.


While you’re trying to find you perfect dress, choose one that highlights your favourite parts of your body: Shoulder, arms, waist, neck…

Different dresses adapted for different 


– A fluid dress for the small-sized brides
– A sheath dress for the large-sized brides
– A voluminous dress for thin silhouettes
– A straight(right) dress for morphologies rectangle
– A size marked for morphologies pyramid




Reveal your personality 

Wedding Dress


There is not only romantic dresses with flounce and rustle. You can choose to wear a shocking black dress, a flashy red or a white smocking. This is your dress, so adapt it to yourself and to your desire. However, be careful not to be scary when you will see your pictures in the future… In time your taste will change but pictures will always stay the same!



Listen to advises from your friends and family 


It’s always better to have opinions and advises from someone else. During you dress shopping, come with your mother, sister or one of your best friends.
That person will always be there with you helping you and giving you the best advices.
They know very well your personality.




During your dress shopping…

Wedding Dress flowers


– Wear heels shoes equivalent to those that you will wear during your wedding. It will be better to adapt the hem of your dress.
– Go outside to see your dress at the day light. It will allow you to check if the dress is not transparent… It’s better to be sure of that before your wedding!
– Make some movements to be sure that you will be comfortable in your dress during all your wedding.







Be yourself and you will be awesome! This is how you will enjoy this day!


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