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Q and A with a nude life model

Posted by laura on November 19 2013.

Q and A with a nude life model

At Polestars we have noticed that our life drawing classes are become increasingly popular so we thought it would be good to do a Q and A with a nude life model to give our customers an insight into what it is like to be a Polestars life drawing hunk!

Q and A with a nude life model

Hi David, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by Polestars! Could you introduced yourself please?

Hi I’m David, a Life model with Polestars.
I’m 23 years old, I have served with the British army for 5 years and currently I am a professional, international fashion model.

How did you happen to be a life model?

It happened by chance really… I wanted a little more excitement and to try something different.
I looked on the internet and found Polestars…  I applied and wham bam.. I’m here! haha

How long have you been modelling? (In general and for Polestars)

I have been modelling since being spotted by a scout from leaving the army for about 16months… but I’m new to the Polestars team and been here about 4months.

 How important is experience for a life model?

I think that experience is vital in becoming a life model as you need to be very confident in your ability and not be shy!

 How do you feel as the only nude person in front of strangers?

At first I was slightly nervous as I wasn’t sure how they would react, but after the first 30seconds I was fine and really enjoyed it.
Now I love it, just to see the reactions of the women… Naughty bunch!

Is it confidence building to you?

I already have bags of confidence, but yes it certainly gives you a buzz.

Is it easy for you to chat with the hens after class when they had seen you without clothes?

Yes, I find it very easy to interact afterwards as I try to build a rapport with the customers during the session.

Can you describe a typical class?

Well well… the teacher greets the group, I hide in the back as most of the classes are a surprise for the hen. I then come out and get the hen or bridesmaid to help me remove my towel, revealing everything! That normally goes down well! We then start the drawing class, but with a twist! There is generally a draw the willy comp, bum comp and then full body. We also invite one of the lovely ladies to come and pose with me! Don’t all rush at once!

How important is it to communicate with the tutor and the students?

I feel that it is very, very important as you need to build a fun rapport with the class and make sure that everyone has the best possible time and a hen party that no one will forget!

What are the common misconceptions that friends or family have about the work you do?

They actually shocked me. They think its lots of fun. And are quite happy with it, because it’s tasteful and very enjoyable.

Why do you enjoy modelling?

I enjoy my modelling because being an international fashion model I get to travel the world. Nice sunny countries like USA etc. and I get published in some great mags, but on the other side I love my life modelling as the job satisfaction of seeing the girls faces at the end is just great. I know they will be talking about it for weeks after!

 What was your best experience during a session?

This has got to be at this one session where we invited one of the girls to pose with me. The chief bridesmaid jumped up, went into her bag, pulled out a face mask of Prince Harry and came towards me. She held my hand, knelt beside me in a submissive way and told me she had always wanted to role play from 50 shades of grey! Haha… that was it! We had all 20 women including the mother in law talking about the book and the fantasies it has in it. I thought I was going to get jumped on! Haha… great set of ladies!

Is there something like a worst experience?

I’ve not had one to date sorry… all have been fantastic!

Can life modelling be a reason for a partner to be jealous?

In my opinion no as it is a great job. Ok, you have to stand for an hour in front of a bunch of booze, party fuelled women but they aren’t allowed to touch the model so it’s all good fun!

What advice would you give someone wanting to become a life model?

Don’t knock it until you try it… you might even enjoy it aha!

We hope you enjoyed our Q and A with a nude life model, now why not try a Life Drawing hen party yourself?

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