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Polestars Press Page 

Throughout the years, List of Life and Polestars have been featured in several national and local publications/websites.

If you’re a member of the press and would like to contact us for stats, quotes or anything else needed to add weight to your article then please email: pr@polestars.net or alternatively call us on 020 7274 4865

About Polestars

List of Life is a vibrant company that offers and develops activities aimed at the stag and hen market. Stag events are offered under the brand name List of Life and hen events under the brand Polestars. Our  party products are aimed at everyone primarily having fun while learning something new.

The company was started in 2003 as one of the first schools in the UK to teach pole dancing for fun and fitness, with none of the sleaze that is often associated with it. Soon after, we began offering other classes, such as burlesque and can-can. A decade later, we now teach 20 different dancing styles, and offer a raft of other activities to more than 2000 hen, stag, birthday and corporate groups every year.

Our parties:

These products are mainly sold to private parties as an activity to start off the night

  • Dancing Parties – everything from Pole and Burlesque to movie themed, to Bollywood and Belly Dancing
  • Food & Drink – Learn to make something delicious – Cocktails, Chocolate, Cupcakes, Sushi
  • Alternative – Parkour, Pop Star Experience, Make-up & Photoshoot
  • Arty – Fascinator Making, Life Drawing
  • Watersports – Surfing, Kayaking, Coasteering

Our online store sells many high quality dancing products that aren’t available elsewhere in the UK.

Expert Content & Articles

In our blog, we often write expert articles and advice about the things we know best – these are not short articles written in a day by an intern or member of the marketing department, but accurate true stories and how-to’s by our dance tutors, chocolatiers, art teachers, survival experts, and other expert members of staff. These contain a lot of anecdotal stories, and everywhere that figures are stated, we have taken the time to find research that backs up our claims.

These articles are available on the How to section of our blog. These snippets of our combined knowledge are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, meaning that you can use, re-print, modify, and build on these articles as long as you credit us as your source. If you are publishing any of these articles (or derivatives of these articles) online, then you must include a link to our hen parties page on the article page also.

Interview with an expert

We also have a stock of articles that we have not yet been released, and in some cases can offer publishers exclusive rights to some of our content, if you’d like to discuss this further, please contact our marketing department.

  • Diary of a Girl on a Stag Party; Polestars Go Undercover
  • Interview with a Sexpert; Handy Hints from our Flirt and Seduce teachers
  • Confessions of a Nude Male Model; Man at a Life Drawing hen party
  • Nude Chocolatiers; Tempering Chocolate and Taming Crowds on a Hen Do
  • Popping the Fizz; Interview with a Naked Butler
  • Nature-lovers; Tips from a Professional Glamper and Full-time Cocktail Forager


We can provide teachers for a variety of media events if you require and can provide interviews with class members with a little notice.  We also have an extensive selection of print quality photographs that are available for use by the press – click here for Polestars product images.

If you would like to view more, or if you’d like further information or an interview with any instructors, please contact the marketing officer by email on pr@polestars.net and or call 020 7274 4865.

Polestars Locations:

Below are the locations we currently serve. While we can arrange events and service the press in these areas, not all products are available in all locations (visit the location page to see available products).

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