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Preparing for a photoshoot?

Posted by Andrew Wilson on June 7 2017.

photoshoot Thinking of a photoshoot? Have no idea of the outfit you need and what is required before a photoshoot? Then read on. By experience most professionals in modelling are aware of what to do before a photoshoot. If you want to have a fantastic photoshoot and have no experience, I suggest you read through the list below because it’s a guild line that will help you prepare to make the best out of your shoot.

11 Pre-photoshoot tips

Drink lots of water – Few days before your photoshoot drink lots of water, you can carry a bottle of water with you and drink it as you go. This keeps your skin glowing and looking much younger, it eradicates dryness and also makes you lose weight and stay in shape.

Avoid items that can give you oily skin and swellings 3 days before your photoshoot such as Alcohol, Red Meat, Caffeine, and Spicy foods.

At least once a week before your shoot exfoliate your skin and in the morning of your shoot. This will keep the line and wrinkles on your skin on check, give your skin an even tone by removing dead cells which will leave your skin soft and glowing.

Your eyebrow tells a lot about your personality. Do not venture on the shoot without your eyebrows done. It is advisable to get your eyebrows professionally done few days before the shoot and keep them up by plucking the strays constantly to keep them in shape.

Refresh your hair colour. Dark roots don’t always look well on photos. It is advisable to do this few days before your shoot. However if you don’t colour your hair, you can try shades or even a tone which is a bit lighter than your hair to make it shine.

Keep your nails tidy. Your Fingernails and toenails should be well polish in French or colourless, be one length and manicured. You can have nails colour if you shoot requires you to.

Keep your hair dry before the shoot. Use your regular conditioner on your hair and do not over condition your hair as most hair stylist will not wet your hair.

Use lip balm on your lips. Avoid dry lips during your shoot. Always put lip balm on your lips before you sleep few days before your shoot. Also exfoliate your lips by brushing it while you brush your teeth few days before your shoot.

Do not Use Spray Tan. Spray tan looks orange on photoshoot and have ruined shoots for everyone who used it.

Get rid of body hair. Get rid of body hair that could possibly show

Most importantly wear loose and comfortable clothing for your shoot.

At the end of the day, the photos are yours for life so it is important you give the hair stylist and makeup artist advice on how you want to look.


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