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Pre-wedding Workout

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on June 7 2017.

For health conscious hens, we have compiled a list of our favourite parties; from toning up in a Pole Dancing lesson to ditching the booze cruise and inevitable kebabs for a sophisticated Smoothie Making Soiree as part of your pre-wedding workout.

We don’t blame brides-to-be for not getting on board with crash diets and boot camps, at Polestars we like to treat our guests to a fabulous hen party and encourage them to try activities that are genuinely fun and will have them hooked for years to come!

Top ideas for a fun pre-wedding workout

One of our top parties for both fitness and fun is Pole Dancing. We’ve been providing pole parties and courses for 10 years and have it down to a fine art. We have 2 or 3 poles in each of our venues; given the strenuous nature of pole dancing this will keep even a big group happy during the 2 hour hen party. Our experienced teachers are always happy to tailor the party to suit the group’s fitness levels.

 pole dancing

A Pole Dancing party is the perfect way to celebrate and let your hair down with friends. You will be taught some basic spins, moves and tricks on the pole. The whole group will always has a great laugh as they try out ever more compromising positions and encourage each other to be more daring in their attempts to become a true Polestar. It not only makes a perfect ice-breaker to set you up for a nights partying but it’s also seriously addictive and can be worked into your pre-wedding workout routine on a weekly basis.

Polestars are offering a 6 week Pole Dancing Course in London starting 30th Sept with one of our fabulous teachers. Monday Nights 7-9pm at the world famous Zoo Bar (only £150) If you’re interested give us a call on 020 7274 4865. 

Why not get energised before your pole party by hosting a sophisticated green smoothie soiree. Start by choosing your base; a cup of coconut water is perfect for athletic performance, whilst a cup of green tea is great for energy. Add your greens; 2 cups of kale or spinach are Polestars’ favourite pick, combined with a cup of blueberries. To over-power the flavour of the greens be sure to add a banana or a teaspoon of manuka honey. Green smoothie lollies are a refreshing treat post-party!

healthy shake fruits

healthy ice cream

Another hilarious activity to be worked into your pre-wedding workout routine is Hula Hooping. It’s one of our favourite activities as it really is a fun and surprisingly easy way to take the extra pounds off your tummy and hips too. Popular as a means of exercise since the Ancient Greek times, and a notoriously fun toy since the 50’s, Hula Hooping seems to have come back into fashion.

Kelly Osborne is insisting that she has unravelled her excess fat by snake-hipping her way to a new, svelte figure. So with the prospect of burning 100 calories in just 10 minutes, women are positively rotating into a hooping frenzy! Why not buy a Hula Hoop for yourself?

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