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Polestars Pole Dancing Tips

Posted by Alec on November 22 2013.

Polestars Pole Dancing TipsTop Pole Dancing Tips. Have a read of our handy tips, you may even consider trying out a pole dancing hen party, it’s the perfect way to start the weekend!

If you’re nervous about coming along to a Polestars Pole Dancing Class, why not take some tips from two of pole dancing teachers (and resident experts) Melissa and Sarah!

Polestars Pole Dancing Tips from Melissa:

  • Don’t wear any moisturiser on the day of your pole dance class. It prevents you from gripping the pole and makes it really slippery which can be unsafe.
  • Being nervous or scared for your first poledancing class is normal, just remember that everyone will be in the same position as a beginner – they are there to learn to pole dance.
  • Don’t worry if you cannot get a move immediately, practice makes perfect. Often having a break from a move and going back to it at a later stage can be a real benefit. The next time you try it you will find you can do it.
  • If you are unfortunate enough to get bruises from the pole during your pole dancing lesson, get some Arnica Gel. Your bruises will disappear very quickly.
  • Don’t feel embarrassed if you make a mistake while you learn to pole dance. Everyone does. The best thing is to take in your stride, have a laugh and go again. Many times I have made mistakes with a move, I just laugh at myself and try it again.
  • Most of all enjoy yourself during your pole dance classes.

Polestars Pole Dancing Tips from Sarah:

  • Teachers – We’re not all 6ft leggy blonde strippers, just normal women who love to pole dance and love to pass on our enthusiasm to others.
  • Classes – Friendly atmosphere, we work on improving confidence and having fun, not creating professional dancers. You won’t be made to do anything you don’t want to do, but we do like to push the occasional boundary which is why a glass of wine before hand always helps oil the wheels! Wine and pole dancing also make a party idea, so why not have pole dance party for your hen night or birthday?

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