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Polestars’ Party Pancakes!

Posted by Holly Anderson on June 7 2017.

It’s Pancake Day and we’re ready to take on a pile of pancakes as soon as we get home. Although traditionally made of plain flour, milk and eggs there are so many variations on the humble pancake nowadays that we no longer have to stick to tradition.

Pancakes have come a long way since the fifteenth century, when folk had to use up all the “extravagant” produce in their pantries. There’s room for some serious creativity, think outside the box and there’s the potential for some really delicious creations to come into being! Even if you’re a novice in the kitchen, pancakes needn’t defeat you. They’re pretty simple to make and who doesn’t like a good pancake?!

Pancake caviar

Pancake Inspiration

The guys behind Shutterbug in London – a specialist cocktail and crêperie restaurant – have come up with some mouth-watering creations and are providing some serious inspiration for our pancake day. Crab and sweetcorn anyone? Hog roast? There’s no doubt that pancakes have come out of the dark ages (literally; pancake day originated in the Middle Ages) and we think they’d make the perfect spread for a party. Pile them high on a plate and let guests tuck in. Then serve up some super special sweet ones for afters. Mint chocolate chip and red velvet are two of our favourites!

We don’t profess to be masters in the kitchen, but we do know how to throw a good party and know that people like to be fed! After all, being a cook is very different from being a chef! Check out our tried and tested cheesy pancake with ham and leek recipe here. It’s a sure fire hit with young and old and doesn’t require hours slaving in the kitchen! What’s not to like?!

If you love creating tasty nibbles, why not try our Sushi Making class? Our very own Sushi making master will guide you through the intricate process and have you rolling out futomakis and hosomakis in no time!

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