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Polestars Burlesque Teacher Tempest Rose

Posted by Alec on November 21 2013.

Polestars Burlesque Teacher Tempest Rose has been hitting the headlines this summer after her the Circus Burlesque troop were given a bad review for their performance at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Sally Scott, writing for The Scotsman, investigated the art of Burlesque performance at this years Fringe. Sadly, her review was less than flattering with the opening line describing one of the performers as “Somewhere between a crack addict and a blow-up sex doll”.

Having seen the troop I must disagree with Scott here. They are clearly a group of beautiful and classic looking girls!

Polestars' Burlesque Teacher

Circus Burlesque was the first Burlesque performance at the Fringe, and aimed to make the audience recognise the beauty of female minds as well as their curves. Scott described Tempest’s group as being “miserable faced” with the “glazed expression of porn stars”. By focusing on the appearance of the women rather than the performance they gave proves that Scott missed the whole point of the Burlesque as an art form. Instead of looking at the talent involved and the intelligence of the Circus Burlesque troop goes to show that Scott was too hung up the images of the women who were performing. However, the whole point of Burlesque is that women needn’t worry about their dress size, or how they look, or how big or small they are, rather that every woman should be proud of what she has got.

Scott went onto describe the performance as “nothing but badly-done stripping”. Scott clearly doesn’t understand the art of Burlesque. She claimed that the Burlesque shows that she witnessed were far from promoting feminism and criticised the female performers for taking part.

Polestars Burlesque Teacher Defends Burlesque

In retaliation, the Circus Burlesque girls took to the streets of Edinburgh to protest against Sally Scott’s remarks.

The troop accepted that Scott may not have enjoyed their show, they even accepted the criticisms that she aimed at their appearance, but they were protesting because Scott attacked the art form as being “unfeminist”.

Polestars Burlesque Teacher Tempest Rose told BBC Scotland:

“We believe we are feminists.

We are promoting this idea that a woman can have brains and beauty and be proud of both”

We couldn’t agree with Tempest any more. Burlesque is a dance that is not used to demoralise women, rather it is used to give women confidence within their own bodies. Women should feel proud of themselves no matter their shape or size. Burlesque is an art form that promotes female confidence, sexiness, and intelligence, which all seem to be points that Scott has missed.

Maybe Scott should try one of Polestars Burlesque classes to learn more about the classic dance herself!

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