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Pole Dancing for Jesus

Posted by Holly Anderson on November 26 2013.

Pole Dancing for Jesus

Pole Dancing for Jesus

In Old Town Spring, Houston, United States, the streets are lined with Victorian style shops, complete with a Pole Dancing for Jesus fitness studio.

You can only imagine this quaint, rural, Christian town, but there is one thing that does really stand out … Pole Fitness For Jesus Studio.

Crystal Dean runs this non-profit (as she does not want to make money on the Lord’s Day) every second Sunday of the month. Miss Dean was raised in the Church and believes that Pole Dancing does not need to be about sex; she promotes the body being a temple and only spins to Christian music and hymns. Crystal Dean claims:

“I do feel a spiritual connection whenever you have the music on and it’s singing about lifting you up and being closer to God. You do feel that.”

However this does not mean that she has not undergone any scrutiny from other locals. She has been told that it is ‘unholy’, and that there must be ‘other ways to keep fit’. However Crystal and her pupils have continued with their pole dancing, believing that by doing so they are giving thanks to God for the bodies that they have been given.

At Polestars we agree with the women of Old Town Spring. There should be no qualms with celebrating your body, no matter your size, colour, religion, anything! All women are beautiful and should try something that will boost their confidence.

At Polestars we offer Pole dancing hen parties. I can assure you that you won’t be twirling to hymns but they are excellent ways to boost your self confidence and feel really sexy! You can read our testimonials from previous customers who loved our lessons here and check out our hen party inspiration mood board.


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