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The trials and tribulations of a Pole Dancing Beginner

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on October 8 2013.

Our Events Manager, Emily, plans to spend the next six weeks getting to grips with Pole Dancing. Embarking on an odyssey of strength, stamina and learning all about left and right, she tells us all about her first ever pole experience. 

Pole dancing diary

As I arrive at the venue I’m feeling pretty nervous, having only ever approached the idea of pole dancing after one too many vodkas, I can honestly say my previous endeavours never ended well!

But working for a company called Polestars (yes I’ve heard all the possible jokes about what I actually do for a living but in reality I’m just a hen party planner!) but we do have  many Pole Dancing teachers on our books, so I though well why heck not!

After chatting to a few of the ladies it seems all bar myself and one other have had a go at pole dancing before! Eek! A few of the girls have the high heeled clear stripper heels and hot pants on looking sexy & ready for action.

pole dancing diary


I’m barefoot and wearing sports shorts not looking quite as ready to take to the pole!

Despite all of this, our lovely pole dancing teacher puts us all at ease with a jug of ‘woo woo’ cocktail to share around and as she put it “calm the nerves!” (Things are looking up – I’ve never been to an exercise class that has started like this before!)

After being shown one of the simplest of moves – holding onto the pole with one hand and repeating walk, walk, walk and hook round the pole with your right leg; I seem to have forgotten how to walk! (No big deal I’ve only been doing it for 21 years of my life…!) After finally getting to grips with the tribulations of walking, we move on to pirouetting under one arm on the pole. This is when I am suddenly stumped by which hand is left and which is right. I’m not sure where these key life skills disappear to as soon as you’re placed in front of a pole but I was assured by the teacher it happens to the best of us… phew. (This could have just been for my benefit but it made me feel better all the same!)

After an embarrassing start though things became a little easier, if you throw yourself into it and just learn to style out your mistakes you will look like a professional in no time! We went through moves such as The Carousel –our first spinning move around the pole! This move looks great and is actually one of the simpler ones. Then we did a move called Hang Tough – holding your body weight up on the pole and gracefully sliding down… This was a little harder and felt terrifying upon first attempt! I honestly thought I was going to plummet to the floor and break both my legs! In theory it’s about a metre that you could fall and the fear is going to keep you gripped onto that pole for dear life!

Along with learning all these exciting moves, we were also taught how to be sexy around the pole with body waves & hip gyrations; after all you can’t keep spinning and doing stunts for a whole routine unless you are a world class pole dancer / gymnast. (In case you didn’t realise – I’m not either of those!)  These moves brought the sexiness to the dance routine and they give you the strength you need for the next fabulous move you are going to pull on the pole.

My arms are aching, I’m battered & I’m bruised but I can’t wait for my pole dancing class next week!!

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