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Pole dancing celebrities

Posted by Alec on November 18 2013.

pole dancing celebrities - Kate moss


pole dancing celebrities

Many of our pole dancing celebrities have been taking up pole dancing as part of their exercise regime. Here are just a few of them that have found the joys of learning to Pole Dance for you to read before your Polestars Pole Dancing Hen Party

pole dancing celebrities – Britney Spears and Paris Hilton

Britney Spears has notoriously been reported to have received pole dancing lessons from pole loving Paris Hilton. The two stars had the pole at Paris’ abode, where she has a pole fitted.  “Paris took Britney upstairs where she fitted her in a blue tutu, and then Paris put on a matching tutu,” a source told the London Star. “They then went downstairs and began pole dancing at Paris’ in-house pole. Britney loves her new moves and can’t wait to get a fella and test them out.”

pole dancing celebrities – The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls have been taking pole dancing classes! Apparently Posh, Ginger, Mel C, Mel B and Baby are planning to learn to pole dance for a racy dance routine in their forthcoming reunion tour, so they paid a visit to the infamous Soho Revue Bar for a master class.  A source told The Sun: “The girls all agreed that a pole dancing section in the show would be fabulous and sexy and they wanted to get some proper lessons from professional dancers.”

pole dancing celebrities – Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey Lohan is to continue with the pole dance lessons she took to prepare for her new film role as a stripper – because the sessions have made her a better dancer. The troubled actress plays a risqué dancer in new movie I Know Who Killed Me and needed to learn to pole dance to get into the part, and she’s now hooked. She tells reporters, “It’s a really great work out on the pole because it takes a lot of upper body strength”. “When I saw the scenes, I was surprised that I was dancing the way I was. I’m actually going to continue with course because it makes me feel good.”

pole dancing celebrities – Kate Moss

In a recent interview with Kate Moss, when asked ‘how do you keep fit? Is it true you took pole dancing lessons?’ she replied, ‘I had lessons as its amazing exercise. It’s more fun than going to the gym. It is so hardcore: pulling your body up onto a pole’

pole dancing celebrities – Kate Hudson

The Sun quotes Kate Hudson as saying.” I recently started this really fun pole dance class. Well, every woman, when they take this class- and they should- realises pole-dancing is one of those things you don’t know you can do until you try.”

here is a list of some other pole dancing celebrities that have caught media attention

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