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Posted by Hay Brunsdon on June 8 2017.

Students at Newcastle University are currently planning to beat the world’s longest Pole-a-thon, by dancing for 30 hours; using 2 poles and rolling for one hour shifts. The thought of all this exercise just makes me feel hungry, and if you can run the marathon dressed as an oversized bottle of London Pride, why can’t you pole dance dressed as a giant hotdog? If I opened a Diner-come-Strip club, I’m sure people would be queuing around the block at the prospect of lithely shimmying up and down a pole dressed as Cheeseburgers, Pizza slices and friends.

What with the London Marathon sprinting towards us this Saturday, and National Fitness Month creeping up in a couple of weeks’ time. It has not only got me feeling guilty every time I lollop over to the biscuit tin to furtively snatch another jammy dodger, but it also made me consider how Pole Dancing is not only one of most popular Hen Parties but also a fun and fabulous way to get fit!

It has been reported that some men are worried about security at the marathon. I think they should pack it in and come along to pose at a few of our Life Drawing Classes; why let all that athletic training go to waste?!

Personally, I’ve been working up a sweat just writing this. I think it’s time to indulge in a spot of Cupcake Decorating, complete with Vintage Afternoon Tea. Until next time…

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