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Plus Size Brides

Posted by Alice on June 7 2017.

Being confident
First of all: every bride is beautiful and beauty exists in different shapes and sizes. Accepting yourself and your body is the first step to finally fall in love with yourself. Your future husband already did and he loves you the way you are, so why don’t you do it? I know that it’s hard to be confident with your body all the time, but your love for yourself should be bigger than your weight.


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How to avoid being frustrated?
Your husband shouldn’t be the only one who makes you feel good on your wedding day, your dress should do the same. I think that a lot of plus size brides make the mistake to start their search in a common shop for wedding gowns or search for inspiration in bridal magazines with models wearing the gowns. The only problem with these normal shops is that they usually have a limited choice of dresses in bigger sizes, so you will leave it probably frustrated. It’s exactly the same with a wrong imagination of your dream dress; it might be perfect for this super model, but won’t do anything for you and your figure.
I want you to know that every bride, no matter which body shape, has a limited choice when it comes to a special price, colour or shape.


bride wedding dress bridal


The perfect dress for you
It might be a little bit trickier for you, but don’t give up before you started. There are plus size bridal shops with a huge selection of wedding gowns in different shapes and types. They are specialised on curvy brides and will give their best to find the perfect dress for you. They will recommend you a classy A-shape with a waist band or a semi-pompous ball gown. Both of them flatter your silhouette and natural curves.


Changing your lifestyle
The first step for a change is to be honest with yourself and see what is realistic for you, your lifestyle and body. Whether you decide to do it before or after your wedding, I am pretty sure that you get either way the full support of your family and friends; and that is one of the most important things in life.




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