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Planning a Hen Party

Posted by Wilson Drew on June 7 2017.

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Planning a Hen party can be a complex thing, even when using an event organiser. It’s the bride’s big day before the wedding itself. She wants to feel supported, surrounded by friends and family and forgetting her worries for one night. It’s time you got clued up on what to do. The main thing not to do is to organise it too close to the wedding date itself. It’s traditional to have it the day or the weekend before the wedding but as Hen parties become more adventurous and involved you may want a little time to recover between the two dates.

1. Ask the Hen

It’s her time to shine so this event should be all about her. The bride may have ideas on what she wants to do or where she wants to go. She might want to do something adventurous, perhaps a little dancing or something more adult.

2.  Make a guest list

The ideal numbers for this is around 8-20. Any less than that and a group event might not be as successful and any larger and it can become unwieldy. Think about the dynamics of the group as well. If you’re inviting more strangers than friends then you might need to change the event. The same is true if you’re inviting family especially that of the groom, as there are some things a new mother in law might not want to see.

3. Get connected

Find a way to connect with everyone as a group, either via a messaging service or on social media. Make sure everyone has an idea on budget and date ranges. Find out about how much they can spend, how they will be traveling and what dates are they available.

4. Location, Location, Location

The bride may already have an idea and about what wants to do with her remaining time as a single woman, which might help you decide on where to go. She may have a destination in her mind, or perhaps wants to go away for a weekend. You need to consider where you have the party as this might limit on who can attend.

5.  Budget

When you know where and when it’s time to think money, make sure the events you’re looking at are in everyone’s price range and make sure to organise an easy way to pay for their part.

6. Decide on an event

This is the main event. It should not only interest the bride to be but also everyone else involved. Your activity must be tailored to the entire guest list, larger numbers require a different type of event compared to a more intimate group. This also applies to their capabilities as some people may not be able to take part in certain events.

7. Think of the little things

Transport, photos and mementos, activity and evening wear, dares and challenges, fancy dress, places to eat, booking early to save money & the check in/check out times

8.  Tell everyone

Get the word out early enough so people can plan ahead. It’s always best to book the times to be around six weeks prior to the wedding date so that any injuries or hangovers sustained during the hangover will hopefully disappear.

9.  Assign Roles

With all these responsibilities its time to give them out to others, they are all adults and can look after. You should make sure someone is treasurer so that the money is looked after, anything else is up to you!

10. Enjoy the day

You’re here to make sure the hen feels loved, supported and happy. Make sure it’s as easy and stress free as possible by booking with us. As long as she has an amazing and memorable time, it’s all that matters!



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