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Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup vs Hiring a MUA

Posted by marketing marketing on July 7 2017.

Every bride wants to look absolutely stunning on her big day. This requires flawless makeup and perfect hair. Deciding whether you want to do your own wedding makeup or hire a professional makeup artist can be a hard decision. Here we will discuss both options.


Hiring a professional makeup artist

wedding makeup mua

Hiring a professional MUA can save you a lot of stress and time. On a day as important as your wedding day, you will probably be busy and stressed already and you will not have time to think about makeup. While your makeup is being done, you will have some time to relax and get mentally prepared for the big moment.


Makeup shows up differently in flash photography. If you hire an MUA, you do not have to worry about buying the right products. The MUA has plenty of experience and knows what products work best for the camera and which products will last perfectly all day.



Doing your own makeup

wedding makeup

On your wedding day, you want to look flawless but you still want to look like yourself. There is no one that knows your features better than you do so it can be hard to trust a stranger on such an important day. Doing your own makeup allows you to have full control of how you look on the big day. You can choose whatever makeup style you want without having to explain it to someone else.


If you already own the products needed, doing your own makeup will save you a significant amount of money. Even if you have to buy some products, you will still save quite some money. If you love doing your makeup and you feel confident enough about your skills, doing your own wedding makeup is a great idea.




makeupIf you don’t mind spending money on a MUA and you want to save yourself some stress and time you should definitely hire a MUA. However, if you aim to save some money and want to be in full control of your appearance, doing your makeup is a better idea.



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