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Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Posted by Hannah Carrier on March 8 2017.

As mentioned in this article, there are a number of reasons why couples might choose to have an outdoor wedding over an indoor one. For some, they can’t contain everyone in the venues they like and, for others, they have never imagined their ceremony anywhere other than the great outdoors. When it comes to choosing a location, we have a few favourites!


Cliffs and Rocks

cliff rock weddingFor people who live by the sea, or are planning their wedding to be coastal, there are plenty of rocks and cliffs to get married on! Whether you choose to stand on top of the world to say your vows with a stunning high perspective view or whether you prefer to be at the bottom, with a jaw-dropping backdrop, getting married by cliffs and rocks is a great outdoor location. Photography in these areas always seem to produce something spectacular! If you’re a braver bride, try some climbing on the rocks for some even more exciting shots!



forest outdoor wedding ideas Forest weddings are something close to a fairytale. Whether you choose a misty morning, sunny afternoon or an atmospheric  evening, you can’t beat the great outdoors. Find a clearing or something that is visually stunning. Have all the wedding furniture brought into this space or keep it all natural with some tree stumps and a carefully crafted archway for the front of the ceremony, where you’ll be getting married. The forest wedding is perfect for those looking for a boho wedding, especially as your guests will dress appropriately! Don’t forget to get those pictures in!



beach wedding outdoor weddingThe white sand and blue water beach venue has become a favourite which means many wedding parties are flocking abroad for some sun in their beach wedding. If you find the tide relaxing, the sun soothing and enjoy a bare-footed stroll though the sand then this is for you. Guests typically wear bright colours for beach weddings, making beach weddings the most bright and colourful of the outdoor weddings. If you don’t mind, try some photos in the sea! The only thing more beautiful than a wedding dress is a wedding dress dancing in the water! Get a photographer who has done this before!


If you like our suggestions, have experienced the above or have better ideas, please do let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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Cliff wedding

Forest wedding

Beach wedding



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