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Our latest hen party ideas

Posted by busra on June 7 2017.



Glamping camping food

In the past years, Glamping got more and more popular. Made up of the word glamorous and camping, it’s describing  a luxurious way of camping. This adventure is definitively not lame or less exciting than a usual camping weekend – Glamping just assumes a certain standard. And because of that, this is the perfect hen weekend idea for you. Instead of partying a whole weekend, you can have some quality time with your friends far away from the city. You will be guided by two experienced glampers who will take care of everything. You and your hens will be greeted with a glass of champagne and afternoon tea, your guides will cook for you on the campfire and show you some camp activities as outdoor yoga. This hen weekend is perfect for beginners and experts, because the emphasis is on having fun and an intimate time with your friends.


Fascinator Making



This class is a real trip down memory lane, the 1920’s to be more specific. It’s a time where headpieces called Fascinator were famous, it was a vintage inspired head decoration and the history of a hair accessory. In the Fascinator making class which we offer you will get the opportunity to let your imagination and creativity run wild. It is suitable for all levels, using techniques and your inspiration. Here you can put your creativity into practice and create unique accessories to express your own sense of style in a form of glamorous and vintage themed night with your friends. You will have a skilled instructor doing everything with you step by step. An essential kit will be provided which includes a headband, feathers, glue guns, scissors, combs, diamonds, etc., but of course you can bring your own favorite accessories or trinkets as supplement to create your personalized head accessory. This creative and fun hen party will be definitely in your memory for a very long time.


Flirt & Seduce


Flirt and Seduce
For all out there struggling when it comes to flirting and using your body language to appeal to the male gender, there is the solution! Our flirt and seduce class will teach you naughty secrets of using your body and bring out your inner temptress. Our professional teacher will introduce you to the world of sex and will show you hilarious and saucy games. The kit for this class will be provided and includes stuff for, e.g. blindfolded tasting games or games testing your senses what will teach you stimulation and teasing skills. The art of seduction has recently attempted to spice things up, which you will learn during the class. This is a perfect start into a funny and naughty hen weekend where you will have the possibility to learn a lot from our experienced teachers.



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