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The Polestars Guide to Organising a Hen Party

Posted by Holly Anderson on June 8 2017.

Organising a Hen Party drinks cocktailsOrganising a Hen Party can be a tricky job but someone’s gotta do it. If the bride has bestowed this task upon you, don’t panic! We have provided a basic essential guide to ensure that your plans for the night go in pecking order.

Firstly, the most important thing to remember is: THE GOLDEN RULE: ASK THE HEN FIRST!
She might have a lot on her plate planning the wedding so don’t break her door down every 5 minutes, but do remember that this is her special night so do run all big decisions past her first.

Organising a Hen Party

Organising a Hen Party – Who to invite:

Deciding on the venue and what to do will have a lot to do with who you’re going to invite. The bride will no doubt have a list of definatelys, possibles, have-tos and most importantly – the absolutely not in a million years!

If you’re planning on keeping the party small invite only definitely and have-tos. If the bride wants everyone to join in the celebrations, then bring the possibles along too.

Take note of the have-tos in this list, if the hen has to invite in-laws or other relatives and wants to maintain a good girl image, it might be an idea to plan something a little more conservative such as a dinner or spa day for the first part and then a wild party for her friends who know what she’s really like!

Organising a Hen Party – Where:

The hen will most likely have a list of requirements and probably a shortlist of venues, so this will make your job a little bit easier, however if she doesn’t, you’ll have to get creative. Remember that the venue has to be easily accessible and exciting!

We recommend booking the venue at lease a couple of months before the day to ensure that you’ve definitely secured a venue. A real deciding factor in choosing the venue will also depend on the budget of your guests. Another deciding factor in choosing the venue will be deciding when to go. Setting the date will depend on the availability of the guests.

Organising a Hen Party – What To Do:

Keeping it simple is really key here, however, you want to strike a balance between not having enough to keep you entertained and having too packed a schedule too really enjoy yourself.
Keep in mind who you’re inviting, are they really all up for the extreme adventure weekend you set your heart on? Of course, everybody is different and there will always be a couple of people who aren’t up for whatever you originally had in mind.

If the bride is adamant about a particular activity then remind them who’s night it is, but otherwise try and organize a couple of activities to make sure there’s something for everyone.

Sound like a lot of work? Let Polestars take a load off and book. You can learn to pole dance or learn burlesque, or even have a cancan lesson! A Polestars pole dancing party, burlesque party or can-can party is a great way to break the ice and start off the night. Fun for friends and family, after a Polestars Party you’re bound to carry on dancing the night away. Our pole dancing hen parties, burlesque hen parties and can-can hen parties all take place in private function rooms of bars or clubs so there is every chance to buy yourself a drink or two!


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