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Organise The Perfect Hen Party

Posted by Alec on November 25, 2013.

Organise The Perfect Hen Party

Organise The Perfect Hen Party

We’ll help you organise a hen party with our fabulous advice guide. With so many hen parties under our belt, it’s safe to say we’re experts!

A wedding is an occasion that every woman remembers for the rest of her life, and the traditional hen party represents her final days of freedom. Organising what should be a joyous celebration can often turn sour due to high levels of pressure to make everything just right. Over the years, Polestars has gained vast experience running thousands of hen parties across the country. This gives us the expertise to come up with this useful ten-rule guide to help you set up the perfect hen party.
Our advice will ensure you steer clear of the potential pitfalls. We can lift some of the pressure, you can forget your worries and everyone can enjoy this fabulous occasion!

Organise The Perfect Hen Party - Relax! It can be easy to let yourself get too overwhelmed by it all. When this happens (and believe us it can) take a step back, remember that it is all supposed to be fun and you will be fine.

Organise The Perfect Hen Party - Who? Make sure you speak to the hen about whom she does and, more importantly, who she does not want celebrating with her. Think about the definites have-tos and possibles and be sure to run the final list by the hen before invitations go out.

Organise The Perfect Hen Party - When? Choose the correct date to enable the most people to come. It is best to offer the guests a number of different dates, and then choose the one which suits the most people. It is unlikely you will be able to find a date everyone can make, so just do the best you can. But never, ever go out the night before the wedding!

Organise The Perfect Hen Party - Where? Does the hen want to stay local or head to a different city for the night/weekend? Where do all the guests live? How easy is the location to get to? If you decide not to go local, then you have the added details and cost of accommodation.

Organise The Perfect Hen Party -How much? Some people will be able to afford more than others. Statistics tell us that the average amount spent by women on hen nights is around £75 each. Travel, activities, dinner and drinks is probably the minimum you should expect to spend on. Try and get deposits off people, then you can find out who is serious and who is not, and remember that the bride should not have to pay for anything! Consider booking in the off-peak season. Everyone looks for summer fun, but prices skyrocket because of this. Booking the same activities, accommodation and travel can be much cheaper over the winter months.

Polestars Top Tip: It is also a good idea to overestimate the cost per person, then that little extra from each individual will cover anyone dropping out. If there are no drops out then you will have some spare cash to put behind the bar!

Organise The Perfect Hen Party - What to do? Try to co-ordinate a group activity. There is nothing better than everyone having a laugh together to create a genuine bonding experience. Remember; just because the hen knows everyone, it is unlikely that they all know each other. A group activity is a great ice-breaker and there are activities for all ages out there. Try and make sure the whole group can get involved so that the hen can have some quality time with everyone. Our experience tells us that though some might say beforehand they will just watch, it is highly likely they will be able to resist joining in. Cost-wise, try and persuade everyone that it is going to be a lot of fun, then you don’t end up with some people paying while others get a freebie when they choose on the day to get involved.

Organise The Perfect Hen Party  - Eating and Drinking. If you decide to do an energetic activity then it is a good idea to do it before too much eating and drinking, otherwise you will not get the full experience. Doing an afternoon activity is ideal, as it can be followed with some tasty food and as much drink as you like! Polestars should stress that the day will be hectic and it is important not to let eating drop down the list of priorities just to save time. Hen parties can involve a lot of activities and while great fun, they can also be energy draining, so do not forget to eat. After a meal you will be raring to go out, rather than so exhausted you are heading to bed earlier than anticipated!

Organise The Perfect Hen Party - The Three Month Rule. Avoid a massive mishap by organising everything early. By leaving things to the last minute, you are risking having to compromise on certain aspects of the celebration. Polestars suggest that 3 months in advance is a good, sensible time to start planning.

Organise The Perfect Hen Party  - Travel Time. You walking from one place to another will not take the same time as twenty tipsy women! Allow yourself a little extra time to get from one venue to the next to make sure you do not end up running late.

Organise The Perfect Hen Party - The Hen rules ok? This is her night and other people’s opinions on what to do and where to go should be pushed to the back of their minds. While you want to please everyone, there is only one person who really matters at this party.

These ten rules will help you on your way to organising a hen party to remember, and ensuring a brilliant night, day or weekend runs smoothly. While there may be a lot to think about, with some careful planning it can all become remarkably easy. Polestars wishes you all the best for your celebration; use these guidelines and we know you will have a fabulous, fun and unforgettable experience!


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