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Nude Life Drawing

Posted by Georgia Mackenzie on May 8 2015.

For those of you who don’t find the prospect of running round town with L-plates strapped to you and an inflatable penis appealing, our nude Hen Party Life Drawing class is the perfect tonic for a traditional hen night. For centuries the human form has been the subject of deep fascination and reverence, with academics, philosophers and even kings using the art form to express ideals of male and female beauty.

At Polestars we’re bringing this revered art form into the 21st century with hour long classes that are great as part of a hen or stag…or hag do.

Nude life drawing

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Here’s a quick how-to-guide to ensure you make the most of your nude life drawing class.

Tip 1: Choose your style of drawing

Firstly, decide whether you want to do a gesture drawing, or a sustained pose drawing. Gesture drawings are quick, 5 minute sketches designed to capture the movement and fluidity of the human body. Sustained, longer poses on the other hand, give you the opportunity to study the human body in more depth.

Tip 2: Picture the skeleton!

In order to accurately(ish) render the human form, you need to understand the body so envisage the structure beneath. It’s best to make a blocking pass, a light under-drawing of the human figure, and then build details onto this in order to keep the figure in proportion.

Tip 3: Shading and Highlighting

Once you feel you have the correct proportions, it’s time for shading and highlighting. Give yourself time to draw the shadows and your figures will develop weight and drama for a more life-like feel. Using a wet paintbrush to blend out the charcoal will lend your piece extra dimension, whilst simply using an eraser will add light where needed.

Tip 4: Let it dangle

Unless you’re going for a statement piece, a male figure missing a penis is always a little disturbing so approach it as you would any other part of the body. If however you have an insurmountable fear of ever drawing one, you can always substitute with a banana.

But the most important thing is to have fun; every nude life drawing venue features an onsite bar so relax with a drink whilst our experienced art tutor shows you the basic techniques. If you still find rendering the whole figure to be too challenging, do feel free to simply draw your favourite bits…

    Life Drawingnude life drawing

Source: Uploaded by user via Polestars on Pinterest

Source: kunirsiswandi.wordpress.com via Polestars on Pinterest

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