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Notting hill Carnival

Posted by Clement Boateng on June 7 2017.

Finally the time of the year has come for the festival of the year. Marking the end of one year and the beginning of a another for Londoners. Yes the notting hill carnival 2015 is here. For two days from the 30th to the 31st of August, London plays host to celebrate Caribbean culture. This is a fun and joyous time and a moment for all to enjoy. No matter where you are from. Here’s what you can expect from the carnival weekender.

Orange Carnival Masqueraders in Trinidad

Notting hill Carnival has been around since 1965 and represents west indian culture, pride and flavour. Growing every year the parade has grown to become a iconic part of British and especially London culture and a appreciation for west indians help and contribution to building the British empire.

Carnival is all about dancing, celebration and having a good time. Enjoying the best dances from Soca, reggae, Bashment and other dance and music that have derived and are inspired by the west indian culture. If this is going to be your first time then here are 5 tips and ways to prepare yourself for the Soca frenzy marathon.



Be prepared for a lot of dancing and this requires lots of stamina. Notting hill carnival can feel like a two day marathon if you are not used to high energy music. From dancing you can get a good workout, have fun and burn lots of energy at the same time. Perhaps some practise warm up with some dance classes such as street dancing or salsa might help? Both have elements that are similar to Soca



Notting hill carnival is a great time to get creative. You can see from all of the colorful and creative stuff that is on display for the parades. Beautiful costumes, float designs, to great makeup, face paint and lots of accessories. This is your chance to show your creative flair. Perhaps learning how to make a fancy and fascinator style hat would be a great add on for the day.



Notting hill carnival is very important in displaying and showing the culture and history of the west indies and islands cultures. From the food, music and yes even the famous rums. Why not brush up on your knowledge of rums with a rum tasting class that will also teach you a bit about the history and culture of the west indies as well.



This moves us on quite nicely to our next topic. Rum is a big part of the culture and drinks will be flowing. If you are not into alcohol and just looking to taste Caribbean favor, there are plenty of cocktails to taste from spices for in the west indies. If you’re a rum lover then there is more than enough rum based drinks and cocktails that will be up for sampling. Having knowledge about what rum based cocktail you like will make it easy to choose your poison for the day.

It’s all in the hips and rhyme

Finally Its all in the attitude. A little sassiness and spunk adds to the flavor. It not just about looking hot, it is also a attitude and a mentality when dancing. If you feel that you have no idea on how to bring out your inner Beyonce, have no fear. A flirt and seduce class is the perfect chance to learn some moves and t bring out your inner temptress.

Notting Hill Carnival

There you have our advice on how to make the most out of your notting hill carnival 2015 experience. Don’t forget to bring lots of water and to check the weather forecast on what to wear. Now get ready to dance and go Soca crazy.

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