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New Years Resolutions

Posted by Holly Anderson on June 7 2017.

It’s January 2nd and we’re still riding high on the belief that we’ll stay committed to our new years resolutions for once. Whether or not we’re deluding ourselves is another matter, but for now we’re sticking to the promise we made to ourselves to adopt healthier habits: drink less alcohol, eat more fruit and veg and exercise more. Although some people claim there are scientific reasons as to why we are unable to keep our new years resolutions, we’re convinced this will be our year.

Although hen parties are often associated with the copious consumption of alcohol and big celebratory meals (things at definitely odds with our virtuous new resolutions) there are many hen party activities that not only fit in with our new years resolutions but have could benefit them.

hen party sushi making

New Years Resolutions Hen Parties

Not all hen parties have to involve the bride-to-be and her hens debilitated by chardonnay and vodka red bulls and when the flower girl is also present, it’s often best to save the shots and pitchers for another night. There are plenty of Polestars parties that will suit all ages and won’t break the good intentions of our new years resolutions.

If healthy eating is one of your resolutions, learning to make sushi at a Polestars Sushi Making party will be right up your street. During your two hour class you’ll learn how to put together a variety of sushi rolls and get to take home anything you don’t manage to eat.

kayakingIf you’ve made the commitment to get off the sofa and burn off those extra pounds you’ve gained over the festive period, an energetic dance class is definitely the way to go. Whether you choose a Polestars Pole Dancing class, an energetic 80s Dance class or learn to high-kick at one of our Can-Can classes, all of them will have you burning off plenty of calories. Kayaking, Cheerleading and Parkour require bundles of energy and you’ll learn skills in these classes you may be inspired to take them up as hobbies.

Even if our new years resolutions have been abandoned by next week, for now we’re keeping the faith that they’ll have some sort of lasting benefit and 2014 could just be the year we stand by them (we’ll keep you updated on our progress.)

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