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My Naked Butler!

Posted by Holly Anderson on May 13 2014.

What does ‘my naked butler’ conjure up in your mind? Channing Tatum in Magic Mike? Or Geoffrey from the Fresh Prince in the buff? Either or, we think we need to expel any notions about a Polestars naked butler and explain who they are and what they do. So, our butlers come from various walks of life. We have students, carpenters, teachers, personal trainers, actors on our books and the list is growing.

So what will my naked butler do? How will he entertain us?

naked butlerOur butlers are a multi talented bunch and are there for your entertainment. They can serve, play, amuse, teach and charm your whole party! From kinky games, to hilarious challenges, to delicious cocktails, our butlers can serve up a whole load of fun! We select only the hottest of hotties to don an apron and our guys have to go through a rigorous screening process to ensure you won’t be let down.

Whipped cream, chocolate buttons and balloons are only a few of the props our butlers will bring with them to your party and we’ll leave it up to your imagination as to what they will do with them! It’s not X-rated but it is very cheeky! If you choose one butler or two, there are plenty of games to play and everyone can get involved.

Our butlers can come to your home, a rented cottage, a hotel room, even a bar depending on its rules regarding apron clad men! We can organise a butler for a surprise party, a birthday party or a garden party! It doesn’t matter on the occasion, our butlers are reading and waiting to serve you up a party to remember!

For an even better experience, why not invite a butler along to an activity you are already planning to do. One of our butlers would add an excellent accompaniment to a life drawing class, a flirt and seduce class or a sushi making class to spice things up a bit and create a truly unique experience!

We hope this answers all your queries about our naked butler parties and has enticed you to book your very own naked butler!


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