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My Favourite Cocktails

Posted by laura on June 8 2017.

my favourite cocktails drinksWhen at university I drank a lot of cheap and badly made cocktails at parties and in student venues. My whole world changed when I started to work in a cocktail bar and I was taught that mixing a bottle of cheap vodka, cherry lambrini and carton of orange juice in a bowl was not a real cocktail. I have never looked back and I have never forgotten some of the skills that I learnt during that time.

I also had the chance to make lots of cocktails for hen groups and wedding parties, which is why I thought I would put together this two part guide on what I think are some of the best cocktails to try or make during your hen party!

This week I am going to be talking about my favourite sweet and bitter cocktails, and hopefully I will inspire you to go out and try them all for yourself! If you want to be inspired more than maybe a Polestars Cocktail Party will be perfect for your hen party or big upcoming event?

Sweet Cocktails

Sweet cocktails are favourites amongst ladies. At the moment fresh fruit cocktails are incredibly popular and every season you will see interesting fruits popping up in cocktail menus. One classic cocktail that is recreated each season with new and exciting fruits is the Mojito, but I love this rum based cocktail as it comes! A Mojito can be made with either spiced or white rum, I prefer white rum, and should always be made with fresh limes and mint that are muddled together with sugar. Mojitos are lovely fresh cocktails with a satisfying kick of rum!

Another rum based cocktail which honours fresh fruits is the Californian classic Mai Tai. This is a wonderful cocktail for the summer months, but be warned the mixture of both dark rum and white with Cointreau (or Grand Marnier) rum can be lethal! To make the perfect mixer try blending pineapple, orange, lemon and lime then shake with the spirits. Pour the mixture over crashed ice and grenadine for a sweet and strong delight!

If, unlike me, rum isn’t your thing then the classic Cosmopolitan may be perfect for you. This deliciously pink cocktail is vodka and Cointreau mixed with cranberry. What really brings the flavours alive is a mixture of two fresh ingredients – lime and orange. When shaking the cranberry with the spirits squeeze in a quarter of a lime to highlight the taste of the cranberry. Before pour into a chilled martini glass press an orange slice to the rim, this will really help bring out the flavour of the Cointreau.

Bitter Cocktailsmy favourite cocktail Martini

Bitter and sour cocktails are more masculine, but can be a real treat! I adore amaretto sours. This is a very strong and short drink but is absolutely delicious. People are often put off because sours are classically made with egg white, and many people ask for theirs to not be made with the egg. However the egg white makes the drink smooth and I would really recommend trying it! Amaretto is my favourite spirit to have as a sour because it is a sweet and takes the edge off of the lime juice. Sours are always made by shaking your favourite spirit with half a fresh lime, a few drops of agnostic bitters and an egg white. The sour mix is then poured into a short glass over crushed ice and served either with a glacier cherry or a lime wedge.

For something more feminine but also bitter then a classic gin martini will go down a treat. Since its association with the flappers in the 1920s, the martini cocktail has always been seen as glamorous and therefore is the perfect cocktail to enjoy on a hen night! There are a lot of variations to the Martini, but gin with a lemon twist, agnostic bitters, stirred and not shaken is my favourite. The only real way of finding your favourite is to try as many as you can!


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