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Musical Themed Hen Parties

If you’re organising a hen party for a bride-to-be who has always liked the limelight then get her centre stage with a dance class from the musicals. Take inspiration from her favourite movie and musical dances and you’re guaranteed a party fit for a dance floor diva. With all of the top musicals catered for, pick one of our musical themed hen parties and you’ll have your choice of sexy, soppy or sassy dances.

musical themed hen partiesmusical themed hen partiesmusical themed hen parties

Top 3 Muscial Themed Hen Parties

      • Dirty Dancing

At our Dirty Dancing Party learn fun routines from the film including some of the classic moves. If you’re really feeling brave, take on that classic dirty dancing lift and impress everyone! After this class you will be able to cha-cha-cha the night away, as no one puts baby in the corner. You really will have the “time of your life” with this one!

      • Grease

For rock n’ roll lovers, you can ‘ra-ma la-ma la-ma’ and ‘shoo-bop sha wad-da wad-da’ your way through the fun-filled dance routine created for ‘We Go Together’ from the classic high school movie, GreaseHave the hen come along as Sandy and the rest of your gang as the Pink Ladies; Rizzo, Frenchy, Jan and Marty and you’ll have a blast!

      • Can Can

Moulin Rouge – possibly thee most romantic movie musical of all time – has been wedding inspiration from the day it hit cinemas. Now use it to inspire your hen party with your very own private Can-Can Class. We’ll bring the skirts, you bring the smiles and our professional dance teacher will teach you kicks and spins that you can put together in a final routine and end the party on a high!

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