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Murder Mystery: The Jack the Ripper unmasked

Posted by Clement Boateng on June 7 2017.

Finally after more than 126 years a Ripper detective has come through with a breakthrough as the identity of Jack the ripper. After finding out that one of the ripper’s victim’s shawl was going for auction he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to grab this vital clue and DNA breakthrough.

The Jack the Ripper murder mystery solved… Jack the ripper murder mystery

It all began when Russell Edwards watched Johnny Depp’s impressive acting in the Jack the ripper based movies “From Hell” which ignited this armchair detectives interest in uncovering who the killer was. By chance Russell Edwards spotted an article on a garment belonging to one of the victim of the ripper by the name of Catherine Eddowes going for sale in a auction. He was able to obtain this for an undisclosed sum of money. After verifying that the garment indeed belonged to victim Catherine Eddowes through DNA testing with her recent descendants, he then began the painstaking process of matching the DNA semen sample on the Showl to suspect Aaron Kosminski. Through finding the suspects descendants and cotton swab test Dr Jari Louhelainen, the DNA found on the garment was indeed a match to the descendants of Aaron Kosminski who was a prime suspect of the grisly east end killings. A breakthrough finally!

Jack the ripper murder mystery

Now finally evidence linking the prime suspect for the murders to the crime. Previously there was little evidence to convict him. It was only because he had an extreme hatred for women and was schizophrenic that he was eventually committed to a mental asylum by his family who became concerned about his wellbeing after attacking his own sister. Later dying in the asylum of gangrene injury to his leg. There were other suspect to the crime however this is the first to actually have a match direct match to the evidence and the crime. Leading the self-proclaimed “armchair detective” Russell Edwards to believe that there is no doubt about the identity of Jack the Ripper being none other than Aaron Kosminski, a polish barber who immigrated from Poland with his family to set up shop in Whitechapel.

Jack the Ripper solved or is it still to be continued…

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