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Movie Inspired Weddings

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on January 23 2014.

Our pals over at Wedding Crowd created this intriguing little infographic about unorthodox wedding ideas. Who WOULDN’T want a Star Trek theme?! If you’re planning movie inspired weddings, why not match it with a similar hen party, and get Dirty Dancing?

Movie Inspired  Weddings


Movie inspired weddings and hen parties

Its becoming increasingly popular to theme weddings even its its just a nod to the theme, with table names, and not the full on Klingon wedding in full trekkie costume! we have a series of movie inspired hen party ideas to go with your movie inspired wedding.

Dirty dancing

Our dirty dancing themed hen party certainly ensured the bride isn’t put in a corner, you will learn a series of routines adapted from the movie.

Great Gatsby

We offer a great roaring 20s dance party where you can learn all the dances from the party scenes in the great Gatsby.


Polestars are taking you to Rydell High in this exciting Grease Hen Party! During this two hour dance class you will learn a traditional hand jive as well as kick-flicking rock ‘n’ roll steps, before finishing with the classic ‘We Go Together’!

Saturday night Fever

If Saturday night fever is your film of choice, our 70’s disco themed hen party will offer you c a chance to learn routines to those Bee Gee’s classics.

Moulin rouge

We have played host to many a Moulin rouge themed hen party even if its not linked to  movie inspired weddings to follow. There are so many opportunities to really get dressed up, and it goes so well with our Can can hen party, where the Baz Luhrmann sound track is often used.


The last of our movie inspired dance parties,  It wont necessarily make for a great movie inspired wedding, given the content, but the dance moves are so classic it make a for a brilliant hen party and all that Jazz!

Wedding Crowd have a great blog that has loads of interesting and creative ideas to help with your planning. Check out their website here.

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