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Modelling for Life Drawing – One Man Bares All

Posted by Hannah Carrier on June 7 2017.

hen party life drawing nude model I’ve modelled for ‘normal’ art classes for ages (I started when my house flooded, it’s a long story!) they’re great but can seem very, very long. Modelling for hens (and a few stags) over the last few years has been a revelation. You meet happy people having fun and leave before they get tired of you. I’ve done nearly 300 parties now and they’re amazingly funny, friendly and life affirming.


hen party life drawing nude model hens To model, it’s great to be comfortable in your own skin and realise that showing your winkle won’t change lives. The thing hens love most is talking and once you accept that you’re mainly a conversation piece getting any compliments is just a bonus! It seems the most impressive thing a naked guy at a hen party can do is be cool, calm and hopefully, charming. Hens have seen naked blokes but few have met one who can remain classy without pants.


hen party hens life drawing nude model That’s not to say the ‘junk’ doesn’t have a role to play. Men take themselves way, way too seriously which is lucky as making light of yourself is a great way to win a smile from anyone! In everyday life it can be difficult to break the ice but I know that just a jiggle will get laughs. With nothing to hide you come across as honest and confident.


hen party life drawing nude model There’s no mistaking the sound of happy hens approaching and I’m only human so my pulse always quickens when they’re outside. If they know what’s in store they’re bubbly and high pitched, if not there’s a low murmur before an explosion when they find out! For the most part they’ve seen it before but I’ve got a little bling, which adds sparkle! This is the hen’s day and making their class brilliant is the top priority. That means backing up the tutor and not obsessing about your pride and joy!


It’s all about the bass right now and luckily mine is my secret weapon, which to my surprise and delight was officially declared peachy at the weekend… how could I not go home on a high?


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