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Makeover Photoshoot Hen Party

Posted by laura on November 19 2013.

Makeover Photoshoot Hen Party

This year we launched a brand new product with our Makeover Photoshoot hen party. It has really taken off due to our fantastic make-up artists and photographers putting in so much hard work to make them all successful. The session takes three hours, with a two hour make over followed by a one hour photo shoot where you will be taught to pose like a super star.

Makeover Photoshoot Hen Party – Different Styles

We offer either a glamorous contemporary  look or a vintage style makeover for your whole group. All of our make-up artists are fully trained and professional, and use only the best kit!These parties can be followed by a burlesque party to really make the most of your new found glamour. This is the perfect start to any girly night. Let us make you feel like a glamour puss before your fabulous hen night!

Makeover Photoshoot Hen Party – Why choose this?

If you are planning a big night out for you hen night why not let Polestars give you a makeover beforehand? Our fully trained makeup artists will give you the most stunning makeover you or guests have ever had. To make the afternoon really memorable our photographer will also show you what it’s like to be on a photoshoot!

The photos can be used at the wedding or as a momento for the bride to keep. They’re also a great addition to any girlyscrapbook you might be creating for the bride-to-be.

Makeover Photoshoot Hen Party – Other Options

We can also offer your group a photoshoot sans makeover if you’re looking to spend a little less, and fancy giving each other a makeover before rocking up at the photo studio like true celebs. Alternatively if you’re a little clumsy with those eyelash curlers, we’ll happily send along our talented makeup artists to your hotel to prepare you for a gorgeous night out!

Call our office on 020 7274 4865 for more details.

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