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Make your dream wedding come true

Posted by Andrew Wilson on June 7 2017.

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Just about every wedding has its own unique touch however a perfect wedding requires just more than a bit of uniqueness no matter what the bride and groom’s vision and personal style is.  Having your perfect wedding is all down to you, is all about your finishing touches, the romance you spread, the location, the flowers, your cake, the food and of course your first couple dance.

Ok so let’s make that day your dream wedding. One thing you should remember as key element your wedding needs to make it happen, is romance and this cant be given therefore you and your partner has to make it happen. However the right way to ensure romance is key element on your wedding is the planning. It all comes down to the planning. A wedding planner can ruin or make your wedding happen therefore you need to add your finishing touches to make it your way. When you set out to plan your wedding you must consider the most important details.

 six most important details to consider when planning your wedding

Location- every wedding location reflects someone’s idea of romance and taste. Be sure to pick a location that reflects your definition of romance. A wedding on a beautiful garden can be ideal to some, whereas a tropical beach may spell romance for others.

wedding location romantic

Food- Food can either make or break the mood. That’s totally true. Depending on the nature of guest you have at your wedding, you should endeavour to lean towards lighter food that is easy to consume and have less heavy food or completely ignore them if possible. Also consider avoiding food with unpleasant odour that can be messy to eat.

wedding food

Space- Imagine you attend a wedding and have people intruding on your space and then you feel so uncomfortable. You don’t want that for your wedding. Space could be a funny thing because if your guest do not have enough personal space they feel cramped. Work with your planner to make sure your venue has the right balance of space based on the number of guest.

Lighting- You must be wondering why lighting is so important. But remember nothing says romance more like a dimly lit room or an outdoor ceremony right before sunset, think about this. If your weeding is indoor be sure to consider candles, dimmers and shades. For outdoor wedding, make sure you pay account to lighting levels.

wedding light

Personal Touches – This may sum up everything I have been trying to make you understand. Remember that day is about the couple and no one else. Always look to incorporate things that are more meaningful to the couple in question. This could be the kind of music, the choice of flowers, favourite colours and of course shared memories.

The couple first dance- Most significantly this can light up the room, spread romance in the air, create a buzz or ruin the day, you decide. Of course a couple first dance on the wedding day signifies union and love. It is advisable to dance to a song(s) that means something to you, a song you can connect with. You should consider a pre wedding dance rehearsal with your partner to make the dance even more special or perhaps have a dance hen party to practice those moves you wanna pull your wedding day.  You can check out our website for more information on dance hen party.

wedding dance

This list can go on and on, but this is good to get you to start thinking of the little details you may overlook, but can make a lasting impact and ensure that romance is a part of your special day.

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