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Maid of Honour Guide

Posted by Hannah Carrier on January 11 2017.

So you’ve been made the maid of honour! Congratulations! This is the role all the girls fight for, to be the right hand man of the bride and have some leadership of the clan. There are a few prices to pay, however, since a few things are expected of you. Use this simple maid of honour guide to make sure you make the most of it!


Chief Adviser

maid of honour guide

Think of yourself now as the bride’s adviser. Everything now on, from fashion to wedding preparations, will be up for debate. Your best friend and bride-to-be will be overwhelmed with choices and need a calmer more objective opinion. This is where you come in. From wedding colour themes to seating plans, the bride’s dress and the bridesmaid dresses, your opinion counts. Don’t be outspoken or rattle the bridesmaids but be sure to be available to answer when called upon – at all hours!


Eye on The Ball

maid of honour guide

Since there is always something to do in preparation for a wedding, the smallest bit of help goes a long way! Typically the bride doesn’t enjoy herself on her own special day because of all the tasks she has to stay on top of! Take on tasks such as noting down who gifted the couple what for thanks later, assisting with the smooth running of the ceremony and celebrations, coordinate the guests and be on hand to deal with last-minute disasters!


Organising the Hen Party

maid of honour guide

The hen party, also known as the bachelorette party, is a very important aspect of the whole wedding ceremony. Not only is it a celebration of the bride-to-be’s final days as a single woman, it is also a chance for her and her closest friends and family to spend some time together. People often fear that marriage means their friend will be too busy so the send off element of the hen party is really important! It’s your job to round up the girls, organise availability and make plans that your best friend, the bride, will love!


If you still need more help, don’t worry! Browse hen party options here or chat to us on Facebook and Twitter.


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