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Maid of Honor Must Haves For a Hen Night To Remember

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on January 23 2014.

Maid of honor duties

The date has been set, the guests have been invited and the VIP area has been reserved. There is only one more thing a maid of honor must include on her to do list – hen night accessories and novelties!

No hen night would be complete these days without hen party bags and hen party bag fillers.  If you are looking for a way to make sure everybody feels at home and is ready to party, hen party goodie bags are a sure winner.  Each hen gets her own bag, personalised with her name if you like, and each bag is filled with a range of fun and flirty novelty items.

Some of this year’s must have hen party bag fillers include tiaras, sashes, shot glasses, whistles, sweets and of course the obligatory willy-shaped novelties!  For an added bonus, you might also want to pop a hen night dare in each hen party bag to be completed later during the night.  There are so many fillings for hen party bags available especially if you shop online for your goodies.  Save on cost and postage by buying your items in bulk and simply sit back and wait for them to arrive.

As maid of honor it is your responsibility to ensure that the bride has the time of her life.  Hopefully you will have discussed what she wants and doesn’t want on her big night – if she has expressly asked that there is not a stripper, she probably won’t be happy to be confronted by a naked man in front of her friends and lots of strangers!  There are many other activities you can get up to and lots of accessories you can buy to ensure it’s a great night enjoyed by all.

Badges, stickers and feather boas are also very popular on hen nights and weekends as are themed costumes.  Policewomen, nurses, Where’s Wally? costumes and angels and devils are some of the most sought after themes and you can find plenty of ideas when you shop online.  There are many websites offering hen party goodie bags, hen party bag fillers and hen night accessories under one roof saving you money on costs and postage.  Club together with the rest of your hens and you can save a lot more money and afford a lot of different accessories.

Once you have filled your hen party goodie bags and the big night or weekend has arrived, why not arrive at your venue early to decorate your area?  You can pop each hen party bag at each place setting or in the middle of the table so that everybody can help themselves.  Balloons, banners, champagne on ice (or Cava!) and lots of fun will await the bride to be and her hens and one of your major duties as maid of honor will have been accomplished.

The Hen Stuff website is great for hen party accessories, check it out here.

Maid of honor should think about accessories

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