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Made in Chelsea

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on October 15 2013.

If, like me, you’re a hardcore fan of these Fulham Road dwellers, from Made in Chelsea,  you’ve probably been hooked on these mouth-gaping, jaw-dropping dramas for the last 4 series. After a couple of years following MiC, it’s been interesting to spot certain little nuances that appear during almost every episode; Ollie Locke’s jaw is forever locking with distress – resembling an absurd mask found in any decent Greek Tragedy, Spencer puffs out like a Peacock and looks like an incredulous pug whenever he is accused of cheating on Louise. And the camera ALWAYS zooms in on the making of cocktails whenever these creatures run out of things to gossip about.

No wonder there is over a 100 minutes of awkward silences each season; it takes a good 60 seconds for the vacant eyed extras to even think about slicing a lemon into wedges. Anyone planning a hen night should be sure to try out our cocktail making workshop  as it involves no loitering about, but teaches everyone how to swiftly get their parties started!

Mark Francis made in Chelsea waste of space

Speaking of wasting time, Mark Francis is forever prancing around London’s most prestigious galleries; mainly as an excuse to preen himself in a range of well-lit mirrors whilst pretending to ‘work.’ If he’s after a bit of pin money then we can probably utilise his keen interest in art and recruit him as one of our Life Drawing models. Many of these sessions take place in South Kensington anyway so he’d feel right at home!

made in chelsea - Life drawing hen party

Finally I think it’s a right waste of resources when the producers shepherd this fawning flock out to Dubai, St Barts or down some precipice only to ski straight into a steaming plunge pool. Forget that, as they’re so desperate to get out of London for a weekend and enjoy some R&R away from all that stress(!) then they should jolly well come Glamping! We treat our customers like true VIPs; during their trip they are greeted with a Vintage Afternoon Tea, complete with bubbly and followed by a campfire supper. Luxury AND beautiful landscapes?! Cashback!

If like us you are still addicted check the latest series on the made in Chelsea website

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