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Macaron Making Hen Party Idea

Posted by Holly Anderson on February 7 2014.

Macaron Making. Those two words fill even the most competent chef with fear. These delicious morsels are notoriously hard to make as every step of the recipe fraught with danger. Whisking the egg whites, folding the mixture and piping it onto the baking sheets, requires military precision. And that’s only before they’re in the oven. Once in, you have to contend with the oven temperature, the atmosphere, the alignment of the planets, the situation in the Middle East … All plausible things that could prevent your macarons from turning into the delicious nuggets of goodness they should be, so delicate are they! It takes a lot of skill to prevent your macarons from turning into dry rusks and they’re tricky little blighters!

Before we proceed, we need to establish one crucial point. A ‘macaron’ and a ‘macaroon’ are two entirely different things. A ‘macaron’, pronounced mack-ah-rhon, is a delightfully pretty, almondy, meringuey treat. A ‘macaroon’, pronounced mack-ah-roon, is a rather ugly coconut cookie/biscuit. Here’s a rather amusing diagram we found on the website for artisan macaroon shop, Anges de Sucre, that illustrates the difference:

Macaron Making Hen party idea

Macaron Making Hen Party: the concept

macaron making hen party ideaWe’re thinking of adding a macaron making hen party. Whilst we’ve not yet mastered the dark art of making macaroons in our own kitchens, there are those special chosen ones who’ve not only mastered it, but have built up businesses around it! Those who can proudly claim to be ‘Patissiers’ are devilishly good at making them. Perfectly round, symmetrical, consistent, just the right chewy to soft ratio, sweet but not sickly, rich but not heavy … the list goes on.

If you fancy learning the dark art, and don’t have the time to spend 10 years studying at a French cookery school, a Polestars Macaron Marking hen party could be the perfect opportunity. You’ll get all the inside info on what makes the perfect macaron, learn all the tips and tricks of the trade and get to taste everything you make. And then take them home to impress your nearest and dearest. Although, realistically, who are we fooling? They’ll be none left.

We’ve chosen a beautiful venue in London where you’ll learn the dark art of macaron making – situated in the heart of Leicester Square, at 1 Leicester Square, The Penthouse has fantastic panoramic view of London and there’s a fabulous bar where you can retire to after all your hard work!

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