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Low Fat Diets Don’t Work

Posted by Alec on November 20 2013.

Low Fat Diets Don't Work - group sit upsThis post was contributed by Emma, one of our dance teachers who also runs GoGo Fit.

Low Fat Diets Don’t Work!

Who is sick and tired of faddy diets that just don’t work?  Heading off to various diet clubs, paying to be weighed, spending a fortune on products and getting minimal results if you’re lucky.  Well I’m sick of hearing about women getting ripped off and being given the wrong advice, advice that is counter-productive and more often than not can result in a lifetime of yoyo dieting and frustration.

Low Fat Diets Don’t Work – Ditch The Sugar

How about I give you one simple tip that took 5lbs from one of my girls in just one week?  Here it is, brace yourself… DITCH THE SUGAR!!!!!  Forget low fat this, that, or the other, fat is not the enemy, sugar is!!  Your body will take the path of least resistance when it comes to fuelling itself and sugar is the quickest way for your body to get energy, the problem is it doesn’t last long meaning you need another sugar hit to energise yourself.  Also, while your body is using sugar to use as fuel, it won’t bother burning the fat that is the real problem!

Low Fat Diets Don’t Work – Stay Hydrated

If we can take sugar away your body will start to target fat instead, which is the goal, right?  So do you fancy giving it a go?  Try and cut out all sugar for 2 weeks especially sugary drinks- including wine!  Try and switch to vodka tonic if you have parties to go to and do your best to have a glass of water in between drinks. At the 7-10 day mark you may find yourself hitting a real low- you’re de-toxing and having withdrawal symptoms including headaches, short temper, feeling low. PUSH THROUGH! After 2 weeks you’ll be feeling completely different!

I’d LOVE to hear how you get on whether it’s weight loss, a change in energy levels or mood!

Good luck and GO FOR IT!!

XX Emma

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