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London’s Naked Bike Ride

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on June 8 2017.

If anyone has ever had the urge to strip off completely, mount a Boris Bike and screech through the streets of London like a bat out of hell, then now is your chance! This Saturday will see up to 1,000 nude cyclists compete in London’s Naked Bike Ride, which has been coordinated in order to raise awareness for the need of more tolerance of bicycles on the roads in the city.

How to join a naked bike ride in the future

If you’re a bit far afield of London do not fear as there are plenty of cities up and down the country that have their own naked bike ride! From Manchester to Brighton everyone seems to be getting involved and stripping down. Just visit the World Naked Bike Ride website to see when and where your local naked bike ride is taking place. Can’t find one near to you? You can even start organise one yourself just have a look!


As bare as you dare 


Not everyone will be biking in the buff, but with the glorious continuation of this heat wave, many participants will be pedalling away in pants and bikinis alike, in order to celebrate the power of the  environmentally-friendly bicycle. If you’re taking part and end up working up a bit of a thirst then why not book one of our Cocktail Making Workshops?

Many of our hens will be celebrating their last nights of freedom in London this weekend too, so if they happen to find themselves in the right place at the right time (in the middle of a park surrounded by hundreds of athletic, naked men) hopefully our Flirt and Seduce class would have provided them with the tricks and skills to ensure these lads will speed right into their affections.

Saddle Sore!
If the thought of a naked bike ride for so many miles makes you feel frankly saddle sore, then we know another place you can check out charming nude males, without having to exert any energy at all. Sit back with a cuppa during one of our Life Drawing Classes and gently celebrate the human form whilst sketching the charming model which will stand before you.

not the naked bike ride nude life drawing

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