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Birmingham Hen Parties


The word ‘Birmingham’ roughly translates to ‘home of the people’ – at Polestars we aim to make all of our party goers feel at home in all of the venues we have to offer! All venues are located in the heart Birmingham and within close proximity to bars, clubs, theaters and shopping centers and so perfect if you want to continue your festivities late into the night. It’s the perfect city for a hen party, all it needs is a Birmingham hen!


Birmingham has lots to offer in terms of bars, hotels and clubs so your every need is met. As well as this, there is also plenty of culture, including galleries, museums and plenty of tourist hot spots so you will have loads to do throughout the day if you prefer a different atmosphere to the pubs.


There is plenty to do in Birmingham for a hen weekend and it is well worth a visit, especially to give your hen the sending off she deserves!


Top Birmingham Hen Parties

1) Life Drawing

This is a massive hit for Birmingham hen parties, probably because they have some of the countries fittest models! Whilst you ogle over our nude models, one of our art tutors will guide you through drawing from life and teach you all they know. What makes this party even better is that your subject is a charming, charismatic nude male model; exactly what you need for a hen party! Our Life Drawing Parties are unforgettable.


2) Burlesque

You wouldn’t think the ladies of Birmingham needed any lessons in being cheeky! But they do love a bit of practice in our burlesque classes. Learn the art of seduction at one of Polestars sexy burlesque classes. Be taught how to pose, strut and wiggle by our glamorous pinup girl teachers in one of our fantastic venues. With the use of fans learn this sensual but fun classic form of dance at our Burlesque parties.


birmingham hen - dirty dancing3) Dirty Dancing

Nobody puts Baby in the corner… especially not a Birmingham hen! During this two hour session you will be taught moves from the classic 80’s movie, including elements of salsa and the cha cha cha. You’ll learn some basic partnering steps and be taught different routines straight from some of the  classic scenes in the film. Have the time of your life at a Birmingham hen do with a Dirty Dancing Party.


4) Pole Dancing

This is one of our more sexy hen parties, no wonder it is so popular in Birmingham! Learn how to twirl gracefully around a pole by an experienced pole dancer, who will then teach you a series of spins and moves on the pole. Be careful, this is a seriously addictive sport so you may be coming back for more and more! It’s so much fun as a group activity to do with your best friends, so make yours a Pole Dancing hen party.


5) Chocolate Making Making_Earl_Grey_Chocolate_5

If Birmingham wasn’t a popular destination for chocolate it will be soon! The ladies of this city are quickly arming themselves with new chocolate making skills. This delicious class offers you lots of treats to sample from around the world and a professional lesson on how to make chocolate in a step by step process. To top it all off, at our Chocolate Making hen party you get plenty of chocolate to take home … if it lasts that long!

Image by House of Hall

Our Hen Parties Available In Birmingham:

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