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Bath Hen Parties

The_Great_Bath_in_Bath_(UK)Bath hen weekend are ideal for ladies that love luxury, culture and amazing cocktail bars. The historical town of Bath is the perfect location for a getaway break and is also great for your hen party. Bath is a truly beautiful city and with it’s unique architecture you’ll be transported back to the 18th Century when the ladies wore corsets, petticoats and wigs. Nowadays, it’s got comedy, theaters, live music, pubs, bars and an amazing nightlife – all the components for a brilliant hen party!


You could have a relaxing day in one of the many spas or even go out into the countryside surrounding it for a messy day out paint balling or quad biking!  There’s something for everyone, so get planning your hen party bath !


Top Bath Hen Parties

1) Dirty Dancing Dirty-dancing

Nobody puts Baby in the corner… especially not at a Bath hen! During this two hour session you will be taught moves from the classic 80’s movie, including elements of salsa and the cha cha cha. You’ll learn some basic partnering steps and be taught different routines straight from some of the  classic scenes in the film. Have the time of your life in Bath with a Dirty Dancing Party.


2) Life Drawing

This is a massive hit for Bath hen parties, probably because they have some of the countries fittest models! Whilst you ogle over our nude models, one of our art tutors will guide you through drawing from life and teach you all they know. What makes this party even better is that your subject is a charming, charismatic nude male model; exactly what you need for a hen party! Our Life Drawing Parties are unforgettable.


bath hen - flirt and seduce3) Flirt and Seduce

A Bath hen doesn’t need much help in matters of seduction but it is fun to learn new tricks! This class is a big hit for hen parties with lots of fun and games. Our self appointed ‘sexperts’ will teach you some new tricks in the art of flirting and seducing and you’ll be able to swap and share secrets, a shocker when you find out something you never knew about a fellow hen! A Flirt and Seduce party will have you ready for your night on the town!


4) Pole Dancing

This is one of our more sexy hen parties, no wonder it is so popular in Bath! Learn how to work the pole by an experienced pole dancer, who’ll teach you spins, tricks and moves that will be incorporated into a super sexy routine at the end. Be careful, this is a seriously addictive sport so you may be coming back for more and more! If you’re a hen and fancy a pole dance take a look at our Pole Dancing parties.


5) Cupcake Decorating and Afternoon Tea


So we all know us ladies love afternoon tea, but  Bath ladies love it even more when it’s paired with a cupcake decorating experience. Learn the skills behind decorating cupcakes professionally whilst learning about all the techniques that will make your cupcakes look as delicious as they taste! Afternoon tea just makes the whole experience so much better! Why not dress up in similar Vintage tea dresses? They’ll look perfect when it comes to taking pictures for the bride to keep. Find out more about our cupcakes and afternoon tea party.


Image by Geoff Wong

Our Hen Parties Available In Bath:

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