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The Naked Truth ; A Life-Drawing Model’s Confessions

Posted by Isabelle Hurrell on September 26 2016.

This is a guest blog by one of Polestar’s life-drawing Models, Eve Howlett.

I take my clothes off for a living. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I take off my clothes professionally. I don’t work 9-5, I don’t ever have two weeks the same, I certainly don’t wear a uniform. Apart from maybe a silk dressing gown…



life-model life-drawing hen partyThe main event that lead me to life modelling was during my university freshers week when I got dared to streak around the campus. I didn’t have to be asked twice. Before he’d even finished the sentence, my clothes  were off and I was outside. I ran laps, danced the YMCA, totally liberated. A crowd formed, people were leaning out their windows cheering, we laughed at the security cameras that followed my every move.


life-model life-drawing hen partyThat was until a security guard walked towards me and my stomach dropped. I was given a red card (like in football), twelve hours community service and my thousand pound scholarship was revoked. Bit excessive, but I guess that’s what I get for going to a Christian university. Ironically I now work as their life model but that’s another story…I was left feeling exhilarated and desperately in need of money! I thought to myself, ‘I get naked all the time anyway, I might as well be getting paid for it!’. That’s how I got into life modelling and I fell in love with it.


life-model life-drawing hen partyMy favourite Polestars life-drawing modelling moment was when a waiter walked in with a tray of drinks. He was so shocked when he saw me not only posing naked, but with the stag on all fours with a belt round his neck, he dropped the tray of drinks all over the group’s drawings! I can’t say I wasn’t a little flattered…





Myth busting time! Here are a list of the most common questions I get asked about my job:
Q: Do you get paid?
A: No, they just found me on the street and I decided to voluntarily strip for them…yes, I get paid like any other job.
Q: What do you think about when you’re posing?
A: What I’m going to have for dinner, what pose to do next, ironically what outfit I’m going to wear out. How to take over the world…
Q: Do you get cold?
A: Yes, sometimes it can be uncomfortable but I think it’s more of a problem for male models…
Q: Don’t you just get paid for lying there?
A: No, it’s rare to actually do reclining poses. There’s always one group member who asks me to do crazy positions,e.g. superman on one leg, the crab, a head stand, wheelbarrow. I usually challenge them to do it with me. They never last very long…
People often say to me that they would love to model but they don’t think they have the ‘perfect’ body and that no one would book them. I would disagree and say nothing has built my confidence more than modelling. I’m not a Barbie lookalike myself, my body is not perfect but I’m proud to call it mine. Be proud of your body, no one else has the same one!


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Header image credit: Eve Howlett 




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