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Late summer weddings

Posted by Alice on June 7 2017.

A late summer wedding was always my dream. Marrying in September on a mild Saturday afternoon – catching the last rays of sunlight. I have to add, that I’ve been always an autumn child; I love the colourful leaves falling on the ground and going for a walk when September sun is up. I like the smell of the leaves and the orange coloured landscape. The weather is beautiful for a wedding – it’s not hot or sticky anymore, but also not rainy or cold.


Sunflowers are typical late summer flowers which can be easily combined with a lot of other flowers. They have a sun-like appearance due to the colour and the shape of their petals. The colour can vary from a cheerful and sunny yellow to a bright and intense orange. A sunflower has different, but beautiful meanings. As they are constantly facing the sun, the flower symbolizes worship and adoration. This unique flower is also a symbol of vitality, good luck and happiness. The sunflower would fit perfectly for your late summer wedding.


seasonal food
It is easy to create a great seasonal menu in September. The quintessential foods in late summer are for example, apples, pears, plums, figs, fennel, pumpkin, lamb or wild duck. As a starter, you could try a pumpkin or wild mushroom soup. The main course could be a roasted duck or lamb with butternut squash; and as dessert you might try a fine apple tart. So don’t worry about the menu at a late summer wedding, it can be awesome and delicious.




Having a good vibe at your wedding isn’t that difficult – especially not at a late summer wedding. The warming sun will be a good basis for a little outside garden party after the marriage ceremony; just in case you could provide a huge tent. Some lampions and blankets will create a romantic and intimate atmosphere, so that everyone feels comfortable. The decoration can be as seasonal as the menu with pumpkins, cornflowers or sunflowers.



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